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Using the Internet to Promote Your Rubber Stamp Business


If you have started a rubber stamp business, you will be quite eager to find ways of promoting your business. Using the Internet to promote your rubber stamp business is easy and pays off very soon as well.

Get a Well Designed Site

This is of crucial importance in Internet marketing. You site should be clear and easily navigable. If not, potential customers will just go on to another site that markets rubber stamps. Keep the order form and payment button in prominent locations on your site. Your terms and conditions too should be easily understood and clear. If you charge extra for shipping say so clearly and quote the amount. Use colors and fonts that are easy on the eyes and don't go overboard with the design elements. The crux is to keep to your website simple, effective, eye-catching and professional.

Have a Catalog

Let your site have a catalog of your products with the prices clearly displayed. This will help potential customers easily choose what they want. If you offer different fonts, provide samples. Do not expect your customers to know the names of the fonts.

Provide a Design Area

In this area a potential customer should be able to design a rubber stamp of their choice. Provide templates of shapes and sizes as well as fonts. Let your customers put them together to form their own designs. This interactive feature will be a sure draw and will generate a lot of business for you.

Place Ads

Pay a little so that search engines throw up your website when some one searches for a rubber stamp seller. Contact Google and other search engines and ask them about placing ads. This too will help increase the number of people who visit your site.


Invest a little bit more and get the text of your site written by someone who knows search engine optimization techniques. This will help your site to get more visits. SEO techniques will make sure that your site comes up in the first page of a search result, thereby getting more people to visit your site. This, in turn, will increase the amount of business you garner from your website.

Join Business Networks

The Internet offers many online business networks. Join them all and increase the chances of people contacting you for rubber stamps.

Mention Your USP

Each business has a unique selling proposition. If yours is meeting delivery schedules promptly, mention this clearly at your site. Do not make false promises. Explain - in points - why the potential customer should order from you. It could be because you make each stamp yourself giving personal attention and ensuring 100 per cent accuracy. Say so on your site.

When designing a site to sell rubber stamps keep all these points in mind and your business will soon soar to new heights. You will quickly have sufficient orders to take your business up to the next level.

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