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Using the Internet to Promote Your Candle Making Business


Promoting your candle making business through the Internet can help you to capture a larger market share and build a successful business. The Internet is a great medium to promote any business because it is very inexpensive and can earn worldwide attention. To get started making your candle business stand out from all the others, just follow these easy suggestions.

Start a Website

Having your own website is a great way to appear on search engines and get attention and customers from around the world who would never have found you otherwise. First, find a web host and create an account. Purchase your own domain name for more professionalism, then start building your site. Even if you don't have any knowledge of HTML, you can make a nice looking website using templates available from most web hosts or have a freelance designer build one for you. Some good information to include on your website is: available scents and colors for candles; whether or not custom orders are accepted; a portfolio of some of your best work; an online store; and contact information.

Make an Online Store

The easiest way to implement an online store is to start an account with Etsy or Ebay (or both). These sites will charge you a small listing fee and a percentage of your sales, but they have millions of users who will be more likely to come across your candles through the site, which easily justifies the cost.

Join Social Networking Sites

Free sites like Facebook and Twitter are a perfect way to stay in touch with fans and provide backlinks to your website. Keep fans updated about new products and let some personality shine through with these easy to use online resources.

Start a Mailing List

A smart way to earn repeat customers is to allow those who are interested to sign up for a mailing list. Every month or so, make a newsletter featuring the latest and greatest products. You might even offer special discounts to those who are a part of your mailing list in order to generate incentive.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising is useful for almost any business. Through Google Adwords (or a similar search engine), you can set up advertising so that anyone who searches for certain keywords is able to find your website. Try using keywords like "candle," "custom candles," "holiday candles," "scented candles," "candles for sale," et cetera to generate hits. The great thing about PPC advertising is that you only pay when people actually click on the ads, and you can set limits as to how much you want to pay every day.

The Internet provides an easy to use and effective medium to promote your candle making business across the globe. By taking advantage of the many resources it offers, you can expand your business to earn worldwide clients and make your candles a great success.

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