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Using the Internet to Advertise Your SAT Tutoring Business


Do you currently have your own SAT tutoring business? Every student wanting to enter a college or university must either take the ACT or SAT, and in some instances, both. Therefore, many students are looking for tutors in order to help them prepare for these important tests.

If you have started your own SAT Tutoring business, then you probably already know that marketing and advertising can be your biggest hurdle and expense. Luckily, by using the Internet to advertise your SAT tutoring business, you can actually promote your business with little to no cost and have access to thousands of potential clients.

Create a Website

It probably goes without saying that you need to have a website. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but it does need to look professional, and it should have a URL that is easy to remember. It should also be easy to navigate and should be updated on a regular basis.

Share Your URL Online

Once you have your website, you should include your URL in nearly everything you do online. When you send an e-mail, include the URL at the bottom. When you post something on a message board or a forum, include your URL with your signature. You might even want to create a tagline of such that states what you do. For example, "Your Name, Your URL, 'Low Cost SAT Tutoring.'"

Send Out Newsletters

It is also helpful to create a brochure or newsletter that you can send out to your friends and family. Have them forward it to anyone who they think might be interested. On your website, have a place where people can enter their e-mail addresses for up-to-date information and tips on the SAT. Use this information to build an e-mail list, which will also be good for marketing purposes.

Enroll in Online Tutoring Directories

Enroll in some online tutoring directories. Make sure that your information is unique and says enough about you so that potential clients will be more apt to choose you over anyone else who might be advertising. There is a lot of competition out there, so be sure to boast your skills and achievements. People want to know that they are getting the best.

Create a Blog

Start a blog. Connect your blog to your website, but on your blog include some practical information. Update it on a regular basis, and be sure to use keywords so that search engines will locate it. It is important to appear as an expert in your field and the more people can read about you, the more convinced of your expertise they will become.

Write Articles

Another great way to use the Internet to advertise your SAT tutoring business is to write articles about the SAT, and submit them to sites like Ezines Articles, Articlebase and Goarticles. Include your contact information and URL.  The idea is that people will read your article for information that they can use and will then click on the provided link to access your website. Not only will you look like an expert at what you do, but they will feel less hassled since it is an indirect advertising approach.

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