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Using the Internet to Advertise Your Music Instruction Business


If you have chosen music instruction as your work-at-home business, promotion and marketing are important elements to your success. In order to prosper and grow your business, potential clients need to know you are out there. Use these ideas to assist in online marketing, and get your business where you want it.

Create a Website

There is no excuse in today's technological age not to have an internet presence of your own. Running your own small business is all the more reason to create a website. There are several online sites that offer free website design and set-up assistance, especially for a basically designed website.

It doesn't matter whether you are using your own name or have created a business name; get a website put together for your business. Your website should include at least some basic information:

  • Your Business Name
  • Your Name (if different than your business name)
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email Address
  • Business Availability
  • Classes or Lessons Offered
  • Price List
  • Your Experience


Utilize Your Local Craig's List

Craig's List is just one site out of many that offer a forum to list your business services. You can post an ongoing ad for free.

Utilize Social Networking Sites

There are several social networking sites and some of them focus primarily on career networking. You can choose to list as much or as little information about your business as you choose on each site.

Facebook is a site that you register with for personal and for business use, so you can keep your social life separate from your business if you choose. It is simple to register on Facebook, and there are places to list your contact information as well as information regarding your music lessons offerings. The bonus with Facebook is that you can list pictures also. This feature will enable you to share pictures of instruments, classes or recitals; anything you want that will promote your business.

LinkedIn is another networking site that is completely focused on career information. You can connect with former students or coworkers from previous jobs. They can provide you with recommendations that are easily accessed by potential clients. There are groups you can join that focus entirely on the type of business you do.

Newsletters and Daily Blogs

Another great way to advertise your music instruction business on the internet is to utilize the many free blogging sites available. There are various programs that provide free newsletter templates also.

It takes minimal effort and time to update a daily blog and a monthly newsletter. This is an effective forum for listing information about new class offerings, student progress, pricing specials or recitals.

Link with Other Small Businesses

Speak to other small businesses, for instance music stores, to create links to each other's websites. This will bring referrals and will create ties to other businesses (which will help you to grow).

Learn to use the internet to your business's advantage, without spending a fortune on advertisement. It is not only doable, but very easy and highly effective.

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