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Using the Internet to Advertise Your GMAT Tutoring Business


There are a variety of ways to advertise your GMAT tutoring services to prospective MBA graduate school students as you work from home. Use the following internet marketing options to achieve success with your tutoring business. 

Create a Website

Because college students spend a large amount of time online, build a simple website to inform them about your GMAT tutoring business. It costs relatively little these days to purchase a domain name, and build and host a website. Include your niche words-GMAT tutor-as often as possible within your website content so that search engines can find you. 

Blog About It

Since GMAT tutoring is your specialty, create a blog where you can deliver timely, useful tips and strategies to prospective graduate students focusing on the GMAT. Search engines love fresh content, so write a post once or twice per week. This will give you an advantage when prospective graduate students search for a GMAT tutor. 

Your Email Signature

Include your business name and website or blog information in every email you send out by including it in your signature line. This is passive advertising, but just as important as handing out business cards. 

Social Networking Websites

In your quest for internet advertising strategies, do not forget the importance of networking. Websites such as Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIn all provide a valuable tool for informing the internet community about your expertise. 

Free Internet Classifieds

Anytime you can promote your GMAT tutoring business for free, do it! Craigslist is extremely popular within mid to large cities for locating all sorts of services. Commit to posting your ad once a week for the greatest exposure. To give your ad credibility, point potential graduate students to your website, blog or social networking page. 

Video Advertising

In a media-based society, people are wired for images and sounds combined. Create a short seminar or promotional video and post it for free on a site like Youtube. Again, be certain to use the words GMAT tutoring in the title of your video for easy searching. 

Sign Up On Tutoring Directories

Tutoring directories are another avenue for internet advertising. Some services offered by tutoring directories are a link to your website, an advertising listing and student leads. First, list your GMAT tutoring business with free directories like or with the idea that you may want to pay a subscription fee for expanded services later on. 

Advertising is vital to the success of your GMAT tutoring business. In order to reach your target audience-future graduate students, you will need to employ as many internet marketing strategies as possible. Having your own website or blog is mandatory as graduate students looking for a tutor must have a way to find out about your unique service. Sign up on tutoring directories, make a promotional video and use free online classified ads to promote your business locally. A solid combination of these marketing ideas will help grow your tutoring business while you work from home.

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