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Using the Internet to Advertise Your Floral Design Business


There are many sites online advertising floral design, and it is important for you to stand out. Whether you own a flower shop and are involved in flower design, or you design arrangements to use in other forms of floral art, there are ways to direct more traffic to your own business.

Know Your Competition

Look at websites belonging to other floral designers in your area, and look at what they are advertising and what methods they are using to bring in customers. Make a list of things that capture your attention and things that you think are not necessary to the site.

If possible, assess the success of your competitors, either by looking at comments on the site or reviews on map and directory sites. Know what the customer thinks about their businesses, and take notes on what you would like your customers to say about your business.

Create Your Own Website

If you do not have experience creating websites, enlist the help of a designer. Brainstorm ideas with them and show them the list you have created from your competition research. Give them input, but also listen to their suggestions: you may want a flowery background, but they might suggest a simple background as to not take away the focus from photographs of your actual work.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate and easy to understand. Have relevant content and information. Create relevant tabs separating different aspects of your work and show prices and examples.

Have your contact information very accessible, as well as your hours of operation. If you receive an email from a potential customer, answer it right away with relevant information.

Update your site regularly, but don't change the entire layout every time. Give your customers both consistency and a sense that you care about the image of your site. Welcome feedback from your customers to know what they think is great and what could be improved on the site.

Advertise on Websites

Some website and browsers, such as Google, are willing to advertise for you for a fee. They can advertise in many different venues, from blogs to educational sites, and even connect advertisements to email accounts. This is a good way to get noticed without sending out spam.

Additionally, make sure mapping and directory sites know about your business. Give them your location, contact information and website address, ensuring anyone looking for floral businesses in the area will locate you on the list.

Join Social Networking Sites

Consider joining social networking sites in order to meet new people and share what you do with them. Having a "business" application on some sites is even encouraged.

If you are a florist, make sure your website is located somewhere on your business card, and attach your business card somewhere on your floral designs every time you sell a piece of your work or make a delivery.

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