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Using the Internet to Advertise Your Beauty Consulting Business


The days of knocking door to door to introduce your beauty consulting business to your neighbors are dwindling. The modern way of  attracting clients is to use the many opportunities available to you on the Internet.

1. Visit Forums and Groups

You have gathered a good deal of knowledge about your field, and there is much you can say about the subject of beauty consulting. Volunteering this knowledge to help others is a good way to advertise yourself to prospective clients. Become a member of various beauty related forums and groups (not just to pitch your wares, because other forum members will only be irritated by that). Simply using a signature line for all your posts stating your position as a beauty consultant, and your contact information, will be a surprisingly far-reaching form of advertising. The efficiency in which you give advice and insight on the forum will be a testament as to what kind of consultant service you can provide.

2. Facebook and Myspace Advertising

There are over 300,000,000 active members using the social networking site Facebook. Myspace claims your ads can reach 70 million prospective customers. Many of those members check their pages multiple times a day, each time encountering a selection of advertisements. Yours can be one of those ads. Both sites make creating ads very simple, taking you on a step-by-step process of designing, paying for, and targeting your ad. You can either pay for clicks or pay for views. It is very likely that, as a beauty consultant, your target audience will be accessed in this way. From teen girls to their Internet savvy grandmothers, an astonishing number of women will use the social networking sites that host your ads.

3. Become an Official Answer-Lady

There are many websites devoted to answering any questions  an a person can  think to ask. and are two examples where people like you can sign up to answer those questions. Some websites even pay you for submitting quality answers. Simply browse the sight looking for questions that your product may be the answer too. If a woman has a question about dry skin, recommend a product you sell that you believe can help her. Again, use a signature line and don't be too pushy. Make sure your product is a genuine possible solution to the problem posed, or you will gain a reputation of being 100% saleswoman.

4. Email newsletter

Once you have established a basic clientele, consider publishing a simple newsletter. Provide your clients with beauty tips, foresight into upcoming products, promotions and coupons. Endeavor to create a newsletter that isn't just clutter in your customer's mailbox. Utilize people-pleasing techniques in your work, such as humor and fun artistic design. This newsletter can provide you a regular spot in the forefront of your client's mind. An email newsletter also offers them the opportunity to send information regarding your business to their friends. 

Take advantage of what an amazing the tool the Internet is to advertise your home beauty consulting business. Beyond online classified, there is a world of opportunity for getting your name out to potential customers.

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