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Understanding the YouTube Partner Program


YouTube has, within the last several years, quickly risen to be one of the very most popular and highly trafficked websites on the Internet. The variety of video footage helps to draw in users of all types and with a number of different interests. While the service that YouTube provides is free to the public, there is nonetheless a way that you can make use of YouTube to help yourself earn money. This program is called the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube Partner Program Overview

The Partner Program through YouTube was initially developed in 2007 as a way of incorporating Google's previously highly successful advertising campaigns onto the video site. These campaigns, called AdWords and AdSense, either allow for the owner of a website to pay for advertisement on different websites (such as the Google main search page) or to have unique and appropriate advertisements show up on his own site. The YouTube Partner Program is akin to the second of these.

Through the YouTube Partner Program, you'll be able to feature unique advertisements in the videos that you upload to YouTube. Through the revenue sharing portion of the Partner agreement, each time that those advertisements are clicked on, you can stand to earn a small amount of money. Obviously, the higher the number of viewers that you have, the higher the number of clicks will be, in all likelihood. This means that you'll then earn more money from the Partner Program.

Specifics of the Program

Whether you create Internet advertisements, have your own YouTube video channel, or are involved in some other way, there is a way for you to be involved with the YouTube Partner Program. However, the program is not available to anyone. If you're interested in being a part of the program, you'll need to apply through the main YouTube website. Video channel owners must meet a certain requirement and be approved by the YouTube representatives in order to be a part of the program. Typically, the requirement involves the amount of viewers that you have on a regular basis.

Once you've submitted the basic application for the YouTube Partner Program through YouTube's website, you'll need to wait a brief period of time while the representatives at YouTube review your application and channel. Once they return to you and confirm that your application has been accepted, you can then go in and modify your YouTube channel in a number of ways. Partners have unique options in terms of the backgrounds and banners that they are able to put on their site. You'll also be able to partially customize and dictate the types of advertisements that will appear in your videos as well.

For more information about the Google YouTube Partner Program in general, contact a representative from YouTube.

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