Undercover Wear: A WAHM's Guide


Undercover Wear is a multi-million dollar home party plan business began in 1977 by Tiffany James. The company was the first to take lingerie and sensual novelty products into the home for sales. Today, Undercover Wear is a family owned and operated company with sales agents helping to bring its products into more homes across North America and Canada. As an Undercover Wear sales agent, your job is to introduce the company's many products to your personal customers, as well as share the business  opportunity with those you feel may be interested.

Starting Out as an Undercover Wear Sales Agent

As with most home based business opportunities, sign-up requires going through a current company sales agent. If you don't know anyone in the business, you can visit the company's website and enter your contact information; a company representative will be in touch with you. You will also need to purchase a starter kit for $188, of which there are three to choose from: lingerie, spa products or bedroom novelties. You can purchase all three for $267. What's included in your kits? Everything you need to have a successful first show and start your business off on the right foot, including: a variety of preselected top selling products, sales catalogs, a training DVD featuring recordings of live show presentations to show you how its done, a CD-Rom containing all the necessary paperwork, training materials and supplies to begin your personal Undercover Wear business.

Compensation as an Undercover Wear Sales Agent

Undercover Wear pays its sales agents 25%-50% of all of their personal retail sales, which can be acquired through home parties as well as catalog orders and purchases made via your personal website. You'll also receive payment of up to 10% for each sales agent you recruit into the company, as well as overrides on their retail earnings. There are no monthly quotas to meet for recruits or sales; how much you earn and how you earn it is completely up to you. 

Thriving as an Undercover Wear Sales Agent

To truly benefit from the Undercover Wear business opportunity, you'll need to strive for selling success and build a strong team with shared goals. First, determine what you want to make of your business. Do you want to work it part time to earn a bit of extra income or are you looking to leave your day job? These are determining factors in how much time and effort you will put into it. There are amble opportunities for bonuses and advancement. With just 2 recruits, you advance from agent to CIA. You can receive free products for your personal enjoyment, generous incentives, and benefit from the company's health insurance and retirement programs.

Is It for You?

Do you have a passion for parties? Are you interested in helping other women feel good in their skin? Your success at Undercover Wear will rely on your ability to showcase the company's products and their benefits in the best possible light, while providing fun and entertainment to party attendants.


Undercover Wear was featured on E! television network's hit reality show, The Girls Next Door. Two of the company's top selling lingerie pieces where worn by Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.


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