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Two Sisters Gourmet: A WAHM's Guide


Two Sisters Gourmet is a company that offers a business opportunity for people who wish to run their own home business as a consultant. The company provides "gourmet food in take-out time." The products include breads and cheeses, preserves and salsas, desserts, sauces and seasonings. The limitless high quality products are priced to fit any budget. Parties are organized where food is used for appetizers and snacks, in order to gain interest by those attending. Using the food as a focal point, you can begin to introduce the products and the business opportunity to prospective participants.


You will need to make a small investment of money initially to buy the starter kit of your choice. A Gourmet welcome kit must be purchased to become a consultant with Two Sister Gourmet. The Totally Gourmet Welcome Kit retails at approximately $140 and includes all of the items needed for four party menus. Included with the kit is the Six Savvy Sauces Set which is used to add flavor to the dishes offered. The Take a Bite Welcome Kit includes most all of the samples used in a party with enough product for two parties, which costs approximately $80. In addition, a sample of all of the TSG sauces and spices is included in this kit.Study the business model.

Review the business model of Two Sisters Gourmet to understand the concept of selling products through organized parties. The parties will provide an opportunity to sell the products offered by the company. In addition to food products, Two Sisters also includes candles, home accents, fragrances and wedding items. Food products are displayed at homes that host parties that include the host's friends and family. Consider that to get involved in this business, you will need to be comfortable to speak and display products in front of friends, family, business associates and strangers.


You will earn at least a 25% profit on all sales, whether online or through parties that you organize or host. Additional payment structures are available through fundraising, special occasions and gift giving programs. While you build an effective network base, you will need to buy all of the products for sale at parties. Once you become comfortable, your learning curve should be easy to manage so that you can begin to earn extra cash quickly.


Organize the business. Find out through your local small business resource on the state level about how to set your business up. You will need tax ID numbers and may need to pay licensing fees. Organize a space in your home where you can keep all of your materials and that can be designated for a tax write-off.

Is It for You?

Evaluate Two Sisters' opportunity. Once you understand how the business will work, determine whether it could be lucrative for your purposes as a small business owner. Figure out what your expenses could be to start the business. Include an estimate of the amount of time you have available. Consider all of your social and business contacts as potential participants.


Two Sisters Gourmet created a Worldwide President's Club in 2008 for its top producers from all 14 participating countries. The Club hosts special parties at destinations such as Old Montreal, Canada, Monaco and New York City.

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