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Turn Your Additional Bedroom into a Home Office

Learn how to convert that extra bedroom into a home office.
A bedroom converted into a home office.

You have the room, but how do you magically turn that additional bedroom into a home office? Your bedroom transformation may be easier than you think. You already have a great start having square footage to devote to work, now you need to do some office decorating and add necessities to turn "home" into "office."

Acquire Work Specific Items

Fill your space with items you'll need to accomplish your specific job. For example, a graphic designer will need a drawing board, art supplies, computer and graphic design software. An outside sales person may need good client file storage and possibly a place to store product samples. Designate a specific space where you will maintain work centric tools, and be sure they are easily accessible.

Select Office Furniture

Since you are creating an office in your home, you don't have to follow the institutional and generic office look. Select a desk and chair that blends with your entire home style. Some of the office supply companies now carry furniture that compliments the contemporary home look. Depending on your budget, you could have a desk and chair specially designed to compliment your home style. When selecting a desk, decide what type of storage you'll need. Will you need several storage drawers, or do you need more of a work surface? You can also add a credenza if your job requires you to store an abundance of documents.

Decorate Your Office Space

Because your office is part of your home, you'll want to add special homey touches. Paint your space a soothing complimentary color. Like your bedroom, your office should offer a relaxing environment and not distracting or too loud. Select some of your personal favorite artwork and family photos for your desk. Pick up a vinyl mat for your chair if your office chair has wheels. Sliding a chair on wheels over carpet or hardwood floor is difficult and can damage the flooring.

Create a Space for Small Visitors

Chances are, you'll have tiny visitors throughout the day. Whether it's your child or your dog, a home office is open to other family members. Include a comfortable playpen in one corner of the room so your baby can come to work with you during the day. Stock the playpen with a few toys and snuggly blankets. If your home office is far from the kitchen, you may want to include a small refrigerator to hold bottles of formula or baby food for quick and easy feedings. Add a comfy pet bed in another corner so the dog can feel at home in your office while you work.

Lay Down the Law

One drawback to having a home office is that sometimes the family forgets that the additional room is your office and not a free-for-all room. Set clear rules about playing in your office. Treat the space as if you were going to work far from home, which means no kids on your work computer and no horseplay in your office. When you work hard to maintain a professional exterior, the last thin you need is grape juice spilled on important paperwork or have a computer virus from a kid site invade your computer.

Make your home office a space where you can work to maintain a thriving career. Be clear about family rules in your home office and add touches that compliment the rest of your home's decor.

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