Tupperware: A WAHM's Guide


Tupperware is the grandmother of all direct sales companies, as it was first started in 1946 and pioneered the direct selling strategies now in use by almost every home based sales company in the world. Tupperware, tight-sealing plastic containers for storing leftovers and other goods, was invented by Earl Silas Tupper in the late 1940s. Tupper's marketing strategist, Brownie Wise, developed the direct sales concept and actively recruited stay-at-home moms to sell the company's products. These women-- who had been employed during WWII but had to "return to the kitchen" when the men returned home from the war--seized this opportunity to work from home. Business boomed throughout the 1950s and 1960s and has spread to 100 countries around the globe. As a Tupperware consultant, you are responsible for selling the company's plastic containers and other goods, either through parties or by direct sales to individuals.

Starting Out as a Tupperware Consultant

To join Tupperware, you need to start by finding a consultant in your area. The company's website provides you with a way to locate and find someone who sells close to where you live. In addition, you will need to purchase one of two startup kits. The Business Kit costs $79.99, and contains products with a retail value of $355. The Executive Business Kit costs $119.99, and contains products with a retail value of $525. Your consultant will provide you with the steps to get your business going; the company provides ongoing training and support.

Compensation as a Tupperware Consultant

The company's website states that you can earn $1000 month to start, on average. You receive 35% of the retail profits, 14% of your groups' commissionable sales, and 7% of the commissionable sales that your recruits bring in to the company. Tupperware also offers bonuses such as luxury paid vacations and diamond jewelry. Tupperware also offers the Dream Drivers rewards program, in which top sellers are rewarded with a expense-free car: BMWs, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillacs are all available to consultants, who can also opt for a cash bonus instead.

Thriving as a Tupperware Consultant

As a Tupperware consultant, you can market your company in three ways: by hosting parties, through your own company-provided website, or at Tupperware Access Point locations in malls in your area. To thrive as a consultant, it's important to sell your products and recruit others to the company to grow your own home based business. As with most home based companies, the bigger the team base you build, the more financially successful you become.

Is It for You?

To be successful as a Tupperware consultant, you should enjoy entertaining, cooking, the home arts and feel passionate about helping other women better their lives. You'll need to be comfortable with selling, either through parties, your website, or at the Access Point locations. You'll need to be comfortable with recruiting others to the company, so you can expand your own business.

Noteworthy Information

Tupperware offers several community initiatives, as well as philanthropic endeavors that benefit the environment as well as the lives of women and children around the world.

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