TriVita: A WAHM's Guide


TriVita has been in business for 10 years marketing nutritional supplements (health and wellness products) in the United States and Canada. Two of their most popular products are Sublingual B-12 and a nutrition drink called Nopalea Sonoran Bloom. They provide an opportunity for you to earn money by sharing their products with others.


If you sign up for autoship for their Nopalea Sonoran Bloom drink ($39.95 per month), you will automatically become a "member" eligible to earn income for FREE by referring friends and family, paying just the cost of the monthly autoship. For an additional $35, you get their Referral Kit. This includes a training guide, income opportunity DVD's to pass out and share, product brochures, postcards, applications, order forms, letterhead and business cards, and full home office support.

TriVita has a unique twist to the traditional multi-level marketing businesses. It is the only company that utilizes "cooperative marketing". TriVita has a very heavy presence in infomercials and gains most of its customers through this method. As a TriVita Affiliate, you are able to purchase these customers from the company for $50 each for B-12 customers, or a bundle of 4 for $240 if you purchase Nopalea Sonoran Bloom customers. After you have purchased them, TriVita continues to market to the customers via monthly catalogs, mailings and email newsletters. However, the benefit of purchasing them is that you will earn commissions on their purchases.

If you are not on the autoship program, in order to stay "active" and receive commission checks from TriVita, you need to purchase $40 in products each month. TriVita will issue you a debit card that they automatically deposit your earnings on each month or each week - your choice. You are also able to set up direct deposit into your bank account if you prefer.


For the first three months as a TriVita member, you earn an accelerated commission. Under the accelerated plan. you earn 30% of Nopalea purchases made on your first level, 15% on second level and 10% on third. These particular commissions are paid out weekly. This enables you to earn a great income while you are getting started and building your business. After the first three months, you earn 21% on the first level, 4% through six levels below that, Plus 3% on first level affiliates and 7% through six levels below that. Serious business builders can easily earn over $2000 per month with TriVita, simply by utilizing their purchase program to purchase customers and affiliate members.


Once you have purchased the customers, to really build your business to the fullest, you should then follow-up with these customers. Build a strong business relationship and share the opportunity with them that TriVita has. If they do not become an Affiliate, they may still continue to purchase from you every month.

Is It for You?

Trivita is an excellent business for someone that wants to build a business yet does not want to solicit friends or family. If you love the opportunities that network marketing provides, yet don't like sponsoring, it's a perfect opportunity!

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