Traverus: A WAHM's Guide


Traverus Travel offers an online sales opportunity that is accessible worldwide, in 98 countries. The company is based in Allen, Texas, with an extensive worldwide network of independent travel agents. As a certified travel agency, the company is approved by International Air Line Travel Agents Network (IATAN) and Cruises Lines International Association (CLIA). Traverus Travel has been in business for over 27 years and implemented the Network Marketing division in November 2006.


There is no experience necessary to become an online sales representative. Free online training and webinars are offered by Traverus on a regular basis. The training and sales team provides strong support to guide each member so that they may become successful agents. The starting package offered begins at the Associate level for $20 and costs $40 to renew annually.

You can earn commissions on personal sales and the chance to have a personalized TraVerus website for $19.95 per month. The Basic Promotion Package Package costs $129.95 and includes a Travel Portal with Wholesale Reseller Portal - GoYikes and CTA Training valued at $400.00. There is also a one-time fee of $50.00 for travel card processing. There are various free structures for things such as additional and comprehensive travel agent training, offered from $279.35 to $459.35. The monthly recurring business fee for all Independent Representatives is $59.95, and a minimum of one sale needs to be generated through the reseller outlet.


The Traverus pay plan utilizes three compensation models: Binary, Coded and Matrix, which are blended into one structure. All distributors are part of its "3-D Comp Plan" through the Binary Gateway. In this system, distributors earn weekly and monthly income. Distributors all have an opportunity to earn significant residual income over time. The payment structure includes 100-150% Matching Coded Bonus, Executive Leadership Coded Bonus, Binary Match Bonus, the Leadership Bonus Pool and a Car Bonus. Each plan features its individual identity and tracking, and you can begin earning with the very first sale.


To thrive in the travel business, you will need to network and build a strong client base. Repeat customers who you provide personalized services to will be the foundation from which you can build, as you gain more referrals. The business will require dedication and active participation in marketing activities, just like any other small, home-based business.

Is It for You?

Travel buffs could benefit from becoming an agent for the regular discounts on travel. The business is portable, so, theoretically, it can be operated from anywhere. To find out if the Traverus company might be a good business opportunity for you, call the 24 hour overview of the business at their telephone line at 646-222-0102.


The founder, Mr. Manning, has significant experience promoting and supporting business growth, as a national sales trainer for two companies. He also works as an international motivational speaker. Mr. Manning's work as a Compensation Plan Design Specialist is the foundation of the Traverus compensation plan. Mr. Manning has hosted the Dallas Easter Seals Telethon for 17 years and regularly works with top celebrities to promote charitable causes.


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