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The Traveling Vineyard: A WAHM's Guide

As a Traveling Vineyard Independent Wine Consultant, you offer hosts and their guests the unique opportunity to bring the vineyard tasting room into their living room.

The Traveling Vineyard was developed in 2002 by the owners of Geerlings and Wade, one of the top producers of fine wine sold directly to customers. The company's goal is to use home based parties as a marketing tool for their wine. Anyone interested in making extra money or developing a career path can become an independent wine consultant. Each consultant's job is to host wine tasting parties where guests can sample fine wine while receiving a lesson on its origin. After the lesson, guests can order wine from a catalog and have it directly shipped to them.

Getting Started as an Independent Wine Consultant

Becoming an independent wine consultant requires the purchase of a starter kit. The price for the kit is $279.00. Consultants can earn $100 back from the starter kit price within the first 70 days with their incentive program. Making money as a consultant requires contacting a list of potential hosts who will have a party in their home. The Traveling Vineyard supplies five bottles of wine for the hostess and her guest to taste, as well as an informative lesson on wine and the basics of wine tasting. There are only 31 states that allow consumers to buy alcohol through direct mail and consultants can only have parties in those states or promote the product to individuals in those states. People who are most interested in this opportunity are individuals who enjoy entertaining guests. It's the perfect opportunity to buy alcohol at a reasonable price and have it shipped directly to one's door.


A marketing fee is paid to independent wine consultants based on the amount of wine ordered at each party. Commissions are 20% of sales, so the more wine sold at a party means the higher the commission. Consultants can expect to make both a full-time and part-time income depending on the amount of hours they dedicate to the company.


One of the best ways to make money with The Traveling Vineyard is through hiring people to work under you. You gain a percentage of their sales and the people who are recruited under them. Making money, like any other business. depends on the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into your home-based opportunity. Developing a list of potential leads will help you know where to go in order to introduce the idea of a wine tasting party.

Is It for You?

Stay-at-home moms or dads who have free time to dedicate to the business will do well. People who are established members of the community and have a long list of friends who enjoy wine and entertaining will help consultants get their business off of the ground. A lively personality is also best suited for this business opportunity. The host supplies the guests and The Traveling Vineyard supplies five bottles of alcohol, so the consultant needs to supply an upbeat personality.

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