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Transcription Jobs From Home: An Introduction


Transcription jobs from home are popular for people who want a steady flow of work, even if they are not commuting to an office. In most cases, individuals who do transcription work have their own business and contract out to companies, though in some circumstances, one could be hired on as a company employee. 


There are many duties that a work-at home transcriber may accomplish. In some cases, a transcriber will copy hand-written information that she would receive from clients either through fax or emailed scans. Clients may also send in information for billing customers, and a transcriber will fill out the information in each bill and send it back to the client for mailing.

If they are working with a company, such as a law firm or a medical clinic, they may have to add codes or change the context of the work they are completing into codes. In these cases, it would be essential for the transcriber to understand medical billing and coding. If one would want to work in the medical field, she should take a class online or at a local college on how to become a medical transcriber.

Some transcribers are invited to "listen in" on phone or video meetings in order to transcribe the conversations held.


Skills that a good transcriber would possess would be to know how to research, be very literate in her language and have very strong typing skills. Though transcribers would not normally have to research things they typing about, at times a client may ask them to add footnotes to whatever needs to be typed. In these cases, the transcriber would need to look through other information to add these notes and still meet the client's deadline.
Transcribers must be very skilled in the language they are typing to ensure they are typing full and complete thoughts. As accuracy is important, transcribers would need to know if they are using the correct terminology in their transcripts.

When transcribers are listening to tape recording of events and having to write out everything said on the tape, it would be much more effective if they could keep up with what was being said, rather than to have to keep repeating the tape over and over. Also, if a transcriber is on a phone or video conference, it would be essential that she should be able to keep up as to not interrupt the meeting.

Finding Work

Since most transcribers work independently, they get to set their own schedule, salary and are responsible to advertise for and recruit clients. Because of this, stay-at-home transcription is a very competitive field, and to do well, the transcriber must be very skilled and reliable.

Some positions for companies are posted online or in newspapers, and can be found by doing an online search. Finding and asking companies directly is another option. If you want to advertise to find your clients, advertise in newspapers or in business magazines in your area. You can also advertise online and create a website. Also, call local medical clinics or law offices to see if they need any work, as they are often looking for additional help.

These positions are beneficial to work-at-home moms because they are able to set their own hours and work while raising their kids. Schedules are flexible and moms would be able to take their kids to the doctor, go shopping, clean and run other errands while only working a few hours a day. The hours that they are working, they will still be accessible to the kids.


The salary of a transcriber varies on your experience level, but a good transcriber working full time can make around $50,000 annually.

Transcription is a good job for those who wish to stay-at-home and work, as it is a "computer job" and can be done from anywhere.

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