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Top 8 Productivity Apps for Working From Home

Always distracted? Try these apps.

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For many work-at-home moms, the hardest part is staying focused on the actual work. After helping out your kids, you might not want to get immediately back to work. So instead of work tasks, people decide to watch Netflix, open up a new online betting site, or chat with friends.

If you want to stay productive, check out these apps:


Are you trying hard not to be distracted by notifications on your smartphone? If you want to avoid distractions, start the Forest app and plant a digital tree. It will only grow if you don't touch your phone screen for the next 30 minutes.

The browser-based version has extra features, such as restricting your browsing to only sites from a block list that you create for yourself. This app can be a helpful reminder not to touch your phone or avoid sites like Facebook while on the browser.


This simple app will show you how often you use your smartphone. That“s all it does. Once people see how often they use their phone, it becomes a lot easier to quit the addiction.

RealizD Pro

If you think Checky gives too little information, try this detailed app. RealizD Pro has a nice interface that tracks how often you use your phone and gives detailed statistics including how many hours you spend playing games and surfing the Internet. You can even set a daily limit on how much you can use your smartphone. If you stay within that limit, the app will reward you for doing so.

Productivity Challenge Timer

The app will will help you manage your work time. You can set individual timers for unique projects and sessions. This is great not just for your work productivity, but it also reminds you to take a break every now and then.


If none of the above tools have worked in your case, you might want to completely block the sites that distract you. Freedom is a cross-platform app that will allow you to set up a list of sites and then block them either on a schedule or completely. The basic functionality works for free, but buying the extended version will give you more options.

There are other apps available for blocking sites, but Freedom's advantage is that it syncs the list of blocked sites between all of your devices.


FocusWriter is a writing program for those who must stay focused. There is nothing unnecessary and distracting in the interface, only the written material is in front of the author's eyes. You can create themes with different fonts, colors and backgrounds, check spelling, and work with several documents simultaneously. When you open the program, your work progress is automatically loaded so you can pick up where you left off.


During the course of a computer session, many people open a bunch of different windows and leave them open. These background windows can prove to be an enticing distraction when work is calling.

HazeOver shades the desktop and all open windows except the active one. This helps you stay focused in a sea of open programs, emails, and conversations. For Mac.

Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus closes inactive programs. With this app, your desktop will no longer a chaotic collection of open windows, so you can focus on your work task. You can manually set the time after which apps will close, or make them close immediately after switching to another program.

It's also possible to customize the app for your type of work. Let's say you need to edit photos. You're distracted by social media but motivated by your favorite songs. Then you need to set a mode where the inactive browser window disappears after 30 seconds, but the music remains. The app can be downloaded from the official site. It is free, but you can donate to the development of the project.

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