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Tools for Testing Internet Marketing Ideas


Testing and tracking is an essential part of internet marketing research and trying out Internet marketing ideas. Web site monitoring is an integral part of the effort to improve internet business results. There are many Internet marketing tools for testing online business ideas available. Various methods, tools and resources have been developed in an effort to make the optimization of online business ideas easy to understand and deploy, so that they are more effective. Below are some of the more popular Internet marketing tools that are being made available in various formats.

Research and Identify Similar Products or Services

First, begin by conducting Internet marketing research of some of the web sites that offer similar products or services to those that you will be offering. Reviewing other web sites can offer valuable insight into how to set up your own web site, which will be the platform from which you will be marketing. Identify the top competing sites in a major search engine and study them. Make notes on what kinds of features they have and develop an outline for your own web site.

Define the Web Site Purpose

Once you have an outline for your own Internet business, define your web site's specific purpose. For example, will you be selling a product or service, or offering information? Consider what the web site should offer with regard to the type of visitor that is anticipated will visit the web site. Give some thought to what the web site should obtain from each visitor, such as valuable information for followup and further marketing.

Identify and Build the Web Site

Determine the kind of specifications your web site will need. If you are tech savvy, you can design it yourself. However, you may find it easier to enlist a web designer who can assist you in determining what kinds of programs you will need, such as web hosting, databases and any third-party software. At this time you will need to define the type of page layout design that will best attract the target market.

Use Sitemap Services

Google, Yahoo and MSN offer sitemap services that can provide invaluable server and web site data and may also get web site pages in their indexes faster, which is critical for Internet marketing success.

Try Adsense, adCenter or YPN Ads

Look into placing contextual ads on the web site and try to optimize them as best as possible. Monitor them regularly and change positions, ad layouts, content and colors.

Affiliate Programs

Check into using some affiliate programs to further add quality web site traffic. Focus on your particular niche to convert web traffic. Coordinate affiliate programs to use with contextual networks, links and banners. Research web sites such as Commission Junction for further information.

Analytics Marketing

Be aware of and monitor web site statistics. Install an analytics tool such as IndexTools or Google Analytics. Analyze users/total visits, navigation patterns, new/returning visitor ratio and entry/exit rates and pages. Monitor server stats, logs and referring visitors. Respond to links and articles that reference the web site.

Trial and Measure

Raise the awareness of the products, services and information that the web site provides and convert visitors into registered users or paying customers. When you persuade existing customers to do further business, loyalty will develop more easily for repeat business.

You can always improve web site reesults by optimizing key areas of the web site that correlate with Internet marketing and sales. Optimization tools and efforts will benefit from tests conducted that can have a large impact on the online business bottom line.

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