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Three Ways to Stay Active during the Second Trimester


The second trimester is a great time for most pregnant women. The morning sickness that some women feel during the first trimester is gone, but the aches and pains of the third trimester haven't yet set in. Many women feel a burst of energy during the second trimester for these very reasons, but they may also develop a larger appetite. This makes it important to stay as active as possible during this time to avoid gaining too much weight.


Walking is easy on the joints, and it burns calories while keeping energy up. It isn't too strenuous, and it's something that can be done just about anywhere. It's also inexpensive and easy to do. Walking for about 20 minutes a day can improve circulation and keep the metabolism high all day.

If there is no safe road available for long-distance walking, consider walking up and down a short street a few times. If that is not available, you can walk inside malls and community centers for your daily exercise. Another option is a treadmill. These allow walking at a number of different speeds and even at an incline if desired.


Swimming isn't an activity available to everyone, but many communities do have public pools and fitness centers that have pools. Swimming is low impact and comfortable. Swimming, slow water aerobics or simply walking through a swimming pool are all useful exercises for pregnant women who want to stay active. The resistance of the water means that the motions don't have to be fast or forceful in order to provide helpful exercise.

When swimming during the second trimester, stay out of hot tubs or pools that are heated to temperatures higher than body temperature. An outdoor pool heated by the sun or a heated pool that can be set on gentle heat are typically fine.The water can help soothe the back strain caused by the expanding stomach, as well as exercising muscles all over the body.


Though there are some yoga poses that a pregnant woman can't and shouldn't do, there are still poses that can be done safely in the second trimester. Doing gentle yoga stretches each day can help with flexibility and stamina, as well as help you stay active. Both flexibility and stamina are important during childbirth, so practicing yoga can be doubly helpful during pregnancy.

Floor exercises that focus on stretching the arms and legs are helpful for pregnant women as long s they don't require the practitioner to lie on the stomach or back. In a sitting position, the legs and arms can be stretched forward and to the side, giving the pregnant woman additional energy from the exercise as well as increasing the range of motions that she can use during childbirth. Being in a squatting position can be helpful during childbirth, and this kind of stamina can be increased with specific yoga poses. There are also yoga classes that specifically cater to pregnant women.

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