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Three Tips for Starting Your Aromatherapy Business


An aromatherapy business is a great way to create a business at home or in a small retail location that can serve customers and make them feel better. Whether it's relieving stress, gaining energy or calming bad thoughts, aromatherapy products are there to help. They can be so helpful, calming and fun to use, that it isn't hard to find customers interested in the products. Here are 3 tips for getting the business started.

1. Develop Your Own Products

If you begin your aromatherapy business as a reseller or an mlm seller, plan for your own products to be sold at some point in your business. Many home aromatherapy businesses begin with selling mlm aromatherapy items on a commission basis. This is an easy way to break into the market and to start building up a steady clientele. However, if you don't eventually have your own products, you have little to differentiate your business from everyone else who is selling the same things.

2. Target Your Marketing

If you spend your time marketing your aromatherapy business to teenage boys or older men, you aren't spending your marketing time wisely. Instead, think about who is actually most interested in buying aromatherapy products. In general, women are the customer base for these products. Younger women who enjoy the smell of the products are good marketing targets, as well as older women with stressful jobs who could use the products to help them relax.

Look for places online where these target groups gather to talk. These are the perfect places to market your aromatherapy items. The audience is already there and may be receptive to some soft marketing techniques. In women's forums, get to know the women there and keep a link to your aromatherapy products in your signature. If there are women who are interested in that type of product, they can ask you questions about them or just click through to browse for themselves.

3. Develop Multiple Income Streams

It's easy enough to set up an aromatherapy website to sell the products directly from the site. However, that means that the business is relying on only one income stream. Consider adding local stores sales to the mix by visiting local gift shops and boutiques and inquiring about placing some of your products up for sale on a trial basis. If they sell, you get a cut. If not, you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

Another way to make sales is to put together a catalog. It might sound like a pretty daunting task, but using a good desktop publishing program can make it relatively easy to print out a catalog and put it all together. You can use the catalog to mail out to people who inquire about the business through the website, or you can hand them out among the people you know. Eventually, people may begin making purchases through the catalog, bringing you another stream of income and expanding your business.

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