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The Top 5 Career Opportunites for Work-At-Home Moms


Work-at-home moms can often have a difficult time finding balance between family and career opportunities. While the family issues can be more sensitive to deal with, choosing a career can be easier than it may seem. If you are tired of staring at a long list of careers and not knowing which one to choose, try revising your list with these top 5 career opportunities for work-at-home moms.

1. Home Child Care Service

One of the many reasons that moms choose to stay at home with their children is to keep them from having to attend traditional day care centers. If you are a stay-at-home mom who feels this way, you can create a home child care business and provide day care alternatives for other moms who share the same opinion about traditional child care. 

Begin by babysitting for children of your friends, and then expand your business if you have the space and patience. Convert a spare bedroom or your den into a playroom, and advertise your home day care business by distributing flyers and business cards in your community.

2. Virtual Administrative Assistant

If you have worked as an administrative assistant in an office setting, or if your have excellent multitasking and people skills, then working from home as a virtual administrative assistant may be the perfect career opportunity for you. Many employers hire virtual administrative assistants to alleviate their overhead costs like office resources and additional office space.

In order to be a virtual assistant, you should be skilled in the following areas:

  • Above average communication, writing, grammar and language skills
  • Basic to proficient knowledge of computer operations
  • Skilled in computer operations like word processing, database creation and e-mailing


3. EBay Business

Selling on eBay is one of the most popular job opportunities available for stay-at-home moms. This is the perfect career opportunity for moms who need to clean out their garages, attics, closets and spare rooms. It is also a great career for moms who enjoy visiting flea markets and yard sales to search for interesting items to sell.

4. Avon eRepresentative

Avon is a reputable company which sells beauty and wellness products for women and men. In recent years, Avon has expanded its direct sales opportunities from door-to-door brochure sales to online selling. You can operate your Avon business online from your home computer. Customers visit your online store, place their product order and their products get shipped directly to their home.

As an eRepresentative you earn 20% commission from all items ordered from your store. You can also earn supplemental income by placing orders through traditional brochure sales, as well as through your online store.

5. Freelance Writer

If you are a work-from-home mom, even if you do not have a higher education degree, chances are you have plenty of knowledge in multiple fields like parenting, family life, and balancing work and famiy. Use this knowledge to your advantage, and write about your experiences on your own blog.

You can use affiliate marketing programs like Google AdSense to earn income from your blog. These programs will pay you when your viewers click on ads that are posted on your blog.

You can also check with your local newspaper or magazine about freelance writing positions, or visit online writing job boards like for available online content and blogging positions. 

While sorting through websites that advertise the perfect job opportunities for work-from-home moms can be a daunting task, you can simplify your search and your list of careers by using these tips.

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