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The Long Term Benefits of Positive Parenting


Very few parents realize that positive parenting can urge children to improve their behavior more than harsh discipline. It is important to use positive discipline and develop good relationships with your children. Positive parenting in the form of loving guidance can encourage children to develop self discipline. This in turn will teach them to love themselves. Positive discipline ensures that children respond to gentle guidance rather than punishments and threats. This is the most effective discipline approach while parenting.

It has been observed that positive parenting offers more benefits compared to setting punishments, timeouts and scolding. Here are some of the benefits that positive parenting can bring about:

Stronger Relationships

One of the most important things that positive parenting can bring about is a stronger parent-child relationship. This method of parenting involves showing recognition for positive behaviors rather than punishing negative ones. Punishments can destroy relationships with children and can lead to more misbehavior. Setting limits and reinforcing expectations through loving guidance helps children to focus on improving behavior instead of staying angry with you.

Better Understanding of Feelings

Children will respond positively if you first tell them how you feel. Start a discipline by first reaffirming the connection. For instance, if you want your child to practice the piano or guitar more, you must sincerely tell them how much you loved their previous performance first. Similarly, before talking about a fender bender situation, tell your child how relived you are that they are alright. Once this is done, move onto the discipline. This will ensure that your child understands how you feel and will not repeat that behavior.

Reduces Power Struggles and Misbehavior

A very important benefit of positive parenting is that it helps to reduce power struggles and misbehavior with children. Punishing children can make them feel terrible about themselves and this can make them act worse. It can also undermine the relationship with your child. This will eventually end up in power struggles between both of you. Remember that power struggles will only work. It could adversely affect your relationship later.

As a parent, you should not hesitate to set limits for your child. They are important for guiding your child. But make sure you set these limits with empathy. This will make them more effective. Setting limits is especially crucial in situations that can cause physical damage. It is important that you connect the limits with empathy. Remember that children will grow up to treat themselves in the way you have treated them. If you are harsh with them, they will learn to be harsh with themselves.

Setting firm appropriate limits will teach your children to set firm limits on their own behavior. This will help your children in the long run.

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