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The Importance of Establishing a Healthy Mother-Daughter Bond


A mother-daughter bond is something that you're likely to hear a lot about, but it's not entirely clear always what this bond consists of. Maintaining healthy relationships with your children as they grow up is one of the primary concerns of many parents, and having a strong bond with your daughter is the best way to ensure that that will be the case. Read on for some of the reasons why establishing a healthy mother-daughter bond is important.

Building Trust

As your daughter grows and becomes more independent, having a good bond with her parents will help her to trust them. By staying close with your child as she develops, she'll be more likely to share her concerns and fears with you, as well as any dangerous or uncomfortable situations that she finds herself in.

Support for One Another

Just as you can support your daughter when she is growing up, she can also support you. Having an adult or young adult daughter available to help support you through difficult times is dependent upon you showing that daughter your own support earlier in her life. Maintaining a strong bond will help to ensure this.

Safety and Security

Daughters who feel a strong bond with their mothers are more likely to be willing to share important details with them. This can become a primary concern when your daughter becomes older and leaves the home more often. As a parent, having a strong bond with your daughter will ensure that she feels comfortable discussing subjects like sex, alcohol and peer pressure with you. Additionally, your advice will be better received on these and other safety concerns.

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