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The Importance of Dressing Up for Work even When Working from Home


Dressing up for work may seem pointless - after all, isn't working in your pajamas the entire point of working from home? However, this kind of attitude may be dangerous to have. Not dressing the part for work gives you an unprofessional base to work from, which may extend to your work. This type of unprofessionalism may negatively impact both the quality and efficiency of the work you produce.

Why Pajamas Are a No-Go

While pajamas may be warm and cozy, comfort is not the point of working from home when you're trying to accomplish certain tasks in a timely manner. The lazy feeling of pajamas isn't conducive to working efficiently, because your mind associates pajamas with resting. When you want to be awake, alert and active, you'll want to be dressed in a way that doesn't make you feel like sleeping. A dose of professionalism in your dress will extend to your work.

Dressing the Part

Dressing appropriately is important, whether you're going to a concert, to a dance, to the office, or just working from home. Clothes can help you feel the part, so to speak. From sassy to professional, casual to gorgeous, a huge part of your overall attitude stems from what you're wearing. Designer clothing can help you feel good and confident about yourself, while baggy sweats and t-shirts imply that you don't care about your personal appearance.

Office wear in your home can make you feel like you are truly working, and improve your working attitude and productivity.

Other Ways to Improve Your Work

If you are working from a home office, you should behave as though you are actually in an office. This extends beyond your dress and should include having a schedule and interacting with outside influences, as well. You can improve your productivity and motivate yourself, as though you were actually working in an office, by creating a schedule to work and sticking with it. Setting aside regular working hours every day gives you a sense of consistency and routine, and will help you work more productively. It can also reduce stress by giving you set times every day to relax and take breaks.

When working in your office, try to act professionally by limiting your interaction with family members during work hours. As a work-at-home mom, you should be available if your children need you, but you also need to make it clear that working means working and to not interrupt you. Keep healthy snacks, like fruit, close to hand, but don't allow yourself to wander out of the office for treats from the pantry. Behave as though you were actually in an office, and you will be able to work as though you were in one, while still maintaining a healthy balance with your family.

By dressing professionally, even when you are working at home, you can feel like the professional you are and consistently work to the best of your ability.

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