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The Importance of Continuing Family Traditions


The continuation of family traditions amidst great technological advances and fast paced lives is very much important. Despite the assaults of modern times, the family is at the very core and foundation of society; this is true whether a family is created by biology or choice. Family traditions help to create strong bonds.

What are Family Traditions

From a generational perspective, family traditions are practices or beliefs which are passed down from generation to generation; i.e. from parents to children. On a more micro level, family traditions are those which are created within a nuclear family. On either level, family traditions range from ordinary routines and day to day activities to celebration of holidays and special occasions; often these are based on the family's religious and cultural heritage.

Family traditions bring a sense of belongingness, commitment and familiarity with each other. They also pave the way for good times and good memories. Family traditions are also vehicles to carry on a family's identity (e.g. ethnic, religious, occupational, recreational and so forth).

Passing the Torch

It is important to pass the torch of family traditions; this imparts a sense of continuity, bonding and more importantly, love. It is incumbent on each generation of parents to keep the family tradition up and running. Family traditions are valuable instruments for child rearing because they instill social values and contribute to creating close family ties.


Quality family time helps to build and maintain strong family ties. Sharing is a key ingredient for creating quality moments. Traditions make sharing easy by offering a common ground of knowledge and experience. For example, holiday pies may sure be tasty, but they are also opportunities for share experienced; i.e. making the pie, discussing special techniques and recipes, eating it at a certain time and so forth. There is also the shared expectation of the way the tradition will take place and the parts that need to be taken. There are also the shared memories from previous occurrence of the family tradition.

Distinctive History

Family traditions make it possible for the family's distinctive history to pass on to the next generation which oftentimes expands the family story. Aside from these, it cultivates a special connection between family members and between generations. Each special family tradition creates warmth and closeness among family members; it is a special tie that bonds them all. Familiar and predictable family experience brought about by family traditions fosters the feeling of safety and security. It gives each member something to look forward to and the assurance one needs.

Continuing family traditions are essential in enhancing family values and strengthening the bond which ties each family. Old and newly introduced family traditions no matter how grand or simple it is, brings about the sense of belongingness, emphasizes good values and more importantly, creates happy family memories.

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