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The Home Business Grind: How to Motivate Yourself


Working from home is a challenge that can only be overcome by knowing how to motivate yourself. You already know the advantages of having a  home based business, but chances are, no matter how motivated you were in the beginning, you'll need some serious motivation one day. It's easy to lose interest when business is not booming. It's easy to be distracted. Sometimes the kids require tending to, sometimes there's an emergency you must handle it immediately, and sometimes your favorite soap opera is about to come on and your TiVo isn't working. Okay, TiVo doesn't qualify as an emergency, but it's a perfect example of the differentiating factors of working from home and working in an office space. There's no TiVo or screaming siblings, in other words, there's alot less distraction. There's also a hand to pat your back or give you that kick in the butt you need. The truth is, there are a number of things that can de-motivate you, but follow these steps, and you'll learn how to motivate yourself in less than three to four business days!

Set Business Hours

Set a schedule for yourself or hours for your business. By doing this, you will get your mind into work mode. Think of how your body gets used to waking up at a certain time of day when you train it to do so.  You may have tried this before and failed to adhere to it, but continue to strive to stick to your set hours. Life will happen and you may have to be flexible, but that is an earned perk when you work from home. You can schedule your day around life. 

Create a Productive Workspace

Having a designated workspace is extremely important when you work from home. However, an unprofessional workspace can be a de-motivator. Even though you aren't leaving the house, when you step into your workspace it should feel like you've just arrived at work. Maybe your home office furniture could use a face lift. Maybe the walls could use a brighter hue. What colors put you in a good mood? Does music get you going? Play it! Make sure your office has every piece of equipment you need to be professionally productive as well. Think of the ultimate corner office with a view. Make your home office a place you like to be, and your productivity will be running faster than the kids!

Always Have a Goal

Have a list of goals for your business each day. Hold yourself accountable for completing as many as possible in a business day. Tell a friend, your husband, or even the kids what you are working on, and have them ask you what you got done at the end of your work day. You'll want to share good news with them and work harder at achieving those goals before your day is over. Afterward, why not reward yourself for your accomplishments?

Use these motivators, and you'll know exactly how to motivate yourself (no back patter needed)!

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