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The Cost of Natural Childbirth


Natural childbirth is the process of giving birth to an infant without the use of medications or surgery. Some mothers still believe that birthing is a natural process and not a medical procedure. A lot of women still opt for natural childbirth practices since it is noninvasive and also has fewer side effects for the birthing mother and her infant. A lot of these mothers feel empowered from being able to manage and endure the difficulties of a natural birth.

Professional Fees

Your gynecologist has a minimum standard fee for natural childbirth. If you have a medical aid plan, it is a guarantee that you will get big discounts for these medical fees. Medical plans often do not cover the whole of your doctor's fee (some may not cover any of it at all). You should check with your insurance provider. It is important to note that insurance pregnancy plans must be obtained prior to becoming pregnant.

You also will have to pay for a pediatrician to monitor your newborn. Your pediatrician will need to conduct evaluations (e.g. APGAR) to make sure that your child is healthy and in some cases provide regular monitoring (if there are any reasons for concern). The pediatrician will make sure that your baby's health needs are properly addressed while you are recovering from the stress of giving birth.

Hospital Fees

As a general rule in hospitals, the longer you stay, the higher you pay. There are some medical institutions that will require a deposit that you need to pay whenever you reserve a private room or a bed in ward. Some hospitals have birthing packages from which to choose. They may have a standard package that will only include your accommodation or a more expensive package that will cover your infant's registration and a photo of your neonate that gets publish on a website (for your relatives to view). Your hospital bill will also depend on your post natal health condition. If you are having complications, then there will be extra cost for medications, prolonged stay, and so forth. Once again, it is vital that you contact your insurance carrier to fully understand what portions of the hospital bill (e.g. bed, drugs, anesthesia etc.) will be covered; insurance plans vary tremendously and it is a huge mistake to assume that everything will be covered.

The Importance of Health Insurance

The average cost of an uncomplicated natural childbirth without insurance will cost from $9,000 to $15,000 or more. The fees depend on the geographic location, type of facility and if the state offers discounts for uninsured individuals. If you have health insurance, deductibles will range around $500 to about $3,000 or more. This too will depend upon the plan you have.

Baby's Bill

The infant usually has a separate bill that will approximately range from $1,000 to $5,000 (this is an estimate for babies who are full term). For premature infants with complications, the bill can even reach as high as $10, 000 or more since the baby has to stay for several weeks at an intensive care unit for constant monitoring and surveillance.

Getting Discounts

If you opt for a midwife, you may find that they have lower charges compared to physicians. Some doctors and midwives offer a discounted package for prenatal, intra-natal and post natal care. It is important, however, that you research the individuals (mid-wives or physicians) and feel confident in their ability to handle a crisis should it come along.

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