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The Benefits of Organic Cloth Diapers


There's an ongoing debate on using disposable diapers versus organic cloth diapers. Though the former prove to be more convenient, their use comes with a heavy price. It may save time and effort, but some argue that disposable diapers are good for neither your baby nor the environment.

Disposable diapers are often made of material that causes diaper rash. The baby's skin is unable to breathe, and moisture gets trapped in, resulting in skin irritation. This is both itchy and painful for your baby. Also, it will take about 200 to 500 years before a disposable diaper will decompose. Considering each baby uses an average of 6,000 diapers in his lifetime, that's not a very eco-friendly choice. Disposable diapers also contain harmful chemicals such as dioxins, sodium polyacrylate and tributyl-tin.

The positive aspects of using organic cloth diapers may outweigh the convenience that disposable ones offer. Consider the following perks in going organic.

Gentle on Baby's Skin

Made of soft, light and breathable fabric, a cloth diaper will not irritate a baby's skin. Diaper rash is less likely to occur with cloth diapers than with disposables.

Free of Chemicals

Your baby's health comes first, and cloth diapers are free of chemicals that could cause illness.

Spare the Environment

The diaper you threw in the trash yesterday will still be around long after your great grandchildren are gone. Such a non-biodegradable material is an environmental hazard. Cloth diapers require only good washing and can be used many times.

Financially Sound

Imagine the cost per disposable diaper and multiply that by 6,000--that is how much you will be spending on your baby's diapers. Cloth diapers will allow you a significant amount in savings. 

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