The 7 Best Online Summer Jobs

Summer jobs are a good way for students to hone skills and earn money to pay for tuition for the coming academic year.

Although online summer jobs can be hard to find, there are several summer jobs that can help work at home moms or teenagers further their careers while enhancing society. Summer jobs are a good way for students to hone skills and earn money to pay for tuition for the coming academic year. Online jobs make it simple for teenagers without their own car to earn some cash, or simply make it possible to work while traveling. Here are some online summer jobs to consider:

1. Online Typing Jobs

There are several online typing jobs such as editing MS-Word files, checking written work for grammatical and spelling mistakes, converting medical prescription slips to texts, preparing power PowerPoint, and advertising new global portals. These jobs pay well, require little or no training, and can be done from the comfort of your home.

2. Online Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys offer you jobs throughout the year. Such jobs can be done at your convenience from the comfort of your home. The work pays you for giving your opinion on the item surveyed, by filling a paid survey form online.

3. Online Tutoring

An online tutoring business is challenging but can be quite lucrative. Although you don't have to be a certified teacher, you need some training before you start teaching. Along with teaching specific subjects, some tutors also offer prep courses for standardized tests.

4. Craft sales

Students and moms with a creative side could earn some side money while getting crafty. Online craft sales present a big opportunity, especially for those that can price competitively or have a unique product. Etsy is the most popular option, but there are other websites dedicated to online craft sales as well. You'll need a bit of cash to buy your materials before you get started though.

5. Virtual assistant jobs

Virtual assistants are secretaries that work remotely. These positions involve a variety of tasks from making phone calls to organizing schedules and writing emails. You'll need a phone and a computer, as well as a set time to dedicate to working every weekday.

6. Website testing

Having a great website is essential today, and to do that, companies need feedback. Working as a website tester is simple--you use websites and share your experience. This position is easy to do from home with any computer. Using platforms like User Testing, finding work isn't too tough either.

7. Transcription

Teens (and adults) with quick typing skills could consider working as a transcriptionist. The work simply involves listening to tapes, such as interviews with journalists, typing it up and sending it back to the client as a word document. Websites like and make it simpler to get started.

In addition to the jobs mentioned above, there are several other online summer jobs available in a variety of industries. Most jobs are legitimate, but should be screened carefully by asking a few questions for every posting you see.

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