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The 6 Best Network Marketing Companies for Nurses

Nurses and healthcare professionals can quickly and easily add an additional income stream with the right network marketing company.

Nurses and healthcare professionals have so many options for work-at-home careers. From telephonic health coaching to insurance claim reviewing, you can find the right fit for you. However, all of these options still require you to trade hours for dollars.

You can only work so much, especially with a family at home, so many work-at-home moms are adding network marketing to their strategy. These companies can provide an additional income stream and will eventually make you money with less work. As a nurse, you are trusted, so people will be interested in what you are selling. If network marketing is something you have been considering, here is a list of health and wellness companies to get you started.

USANA is a nutritional supplement company started by Dr. Myron Wentz. This would be an excellent fit for health coaches or nurses who would like to start a health coaching business. Successful USANA representatives have built the supplements into the diet plans for their clients. These products can be sold via a party plan or person-to-person.

Shaklee offers nutritional supplements, protein shakes and natural wellness products. Representatives also sell environmentally-friendly home care products. This is also a great fit for health coaches. The business model is person-to-person selling.

If you have an interest in complementary and alternative medicine, consider an essential oils company. SwissJust sells essential oils, cosmetics, fragrances and skincare. Nurses hoping to start a holistic health coaching company could easily incorporate these oils into the plan of care.

Beachbody is a favorite of personal trainers and those in the fitness industry. Representatives (called "coaches") sell workout programs, such as P90X and nutritional supplements. If you are a nurse who is passionate about living a fit lifestyle, this company could help you spread that passion to clients.

Wildtree is a food and gourmet items company offering spice blends, infused oils, sauces and marinades. All items are preservative-free and focus on healthy, quick meal preparation. This would be a good fit for a nutritionist or nurse interested in nutrition and cooking.

Tastefully Simple
Tastefully Simple offers food products and meal solutions. As a nurse, this is the company I chose, because it complements my food blog. I am able to provide recipes, while giving readers the opportunity to purchase ingredients right from my blog. These gourmet food items are usually sold in a party format, by catalog, or by corporate gift accounts.

Each of these companies is at least 10 years old and recognized by the Direct Selling Association. Above all else, choose a product that you love and use yourself. Your customers will be able to feel your excitement and authenticity.

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