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The 5 Most Popular Telecommute Jobs


Telecommute jobs have become popular alternatives to going to an office everyday. Telecommute careers allow you to work from the comfort and privacy of your own home doing many of the same jobs that you would perform in a corporate setting. If you are looking to find a telecommute job that is right for you, then start with this list of popular options.

1. Telecommute Writing Jobs

Jobs as a freelance writer or blogger continue to explode in popularity. Telecommute writing jobs are so popular because many of these jobs do not require you to have a certain degree or level of experience to perform them. Many employers are simply looking for someone with extensive knowledge in a particular niche like gadgets, the Internet, cooking, family issues, etc.

Freelance job boards that feature useful resources for finding telecommute writing jobs include and You can also check with your local newspaper for job openings. Many newspapers hire freelance writers to write articles from home, especially if the newspaper has an online edition.

2. Virtual Administrative Assistant

This telecommute career puts a new spin on the typically mundane job of an office assistant. Instead of huddling over your commuter in a cramped cubicle, you can be productive and cozy working from your own home office. As a virtual administrative assistant you will perform tasks like:

  • Appointment setting
  • Answering the phone
  • Email correspondence
  • Word processing


As a virtual administrative assistant, is is also important to have a proper home office environment. Your employer may have specific requirements for office equipment and tools, but these are some of the most common elements found in the home office of a virtual administrative assistant:

  • Home computer with a high speed Internet connection
  • One or more land line phone numbers
  • Fax machine
  • Printer/copier/scanner combo


3. Customer Service Agent

Answering inbound calls is one of the most common telecommute careers. Many companies have programs that allow you to access their computer system and receive customer service calls in your own home. Typically, you will receive calls dealing with complaints, or general questions about services or products depending on your industry.

It is common for companies to allow you to work flexible works that give you the opportunity to accept calls at your convenience, instead of working a typical 9 to 5 shift. In many cases, online telecommute jobs like customer service agents allow you to answer customer service questions via email, in addition to inbound telephone calls.

4. EBay Selling 

This is one of the great online telecommute jobs that does not require a degree or specific training. Selling on eBay is the perfect career for those who enjoy finding and creating unique items to sell. It is a great job for crafters and artists, and also for those who like going to garage sales to find unique items to sell.

Signing up for an eBay account is free, so you can get started today. In addition to antiques, artwork, crafts and unique finds, some of the most commonly sold items on eBay are electronics, albums and movies.

5. Transcription

Transcription jobs involve transferring recorded audio into a document by typing it into word form. Gone are the days of listening to your boss's voice on a hand-held tape recorder. Now you can just download an audio file from your email inbox. There are three main types of transcription:

  1. General
  2. Legal
  3. Medical

General legal transcription, which usually involves transcribing meetings, seminars, lectures, etc., does not usually require as much training as legal and medical transcription. These types of transcription jobs usually require extra training and expertise to understand and be able to identify specific legal and medical terminology. No matter what type of transcription you pursue, your typing skills must be excellent, and on average at least 75 words per minute (wpm).

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