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The Best Work-From-Home Freelance Jobs

From marketing and writing to teaching, no matter what your skills you can make freelancing work for your lifestyle. Below, we explore 5 areas for freelance work, including insurance inspections and teaching.

Companies are hiring freelancers more now than ever. Research shows that by 2020 there may be 65 million freelancers in the U.S. workforce. Some jobs lend themselves better to freelancing than others, but nearly any type of job can become a freelance job.

Below are some of the jobs that work best as a freelance gig or long-term career.

1. Marketing

Not only is this one of the highest paying freelancing jobs, but it lends itself to many different types of opportunities such as social media, graphic design, and ad campaigns. Whether it’s a marketing coordinator, manager, or project manager, there are tons of marketing freelance positions available with many types of companies. Most of the work can be done via email, with perhaps the opportunity use video chat when necessary for meetings.

2. Web Development

As a web developer, you would possibly create websites, develop the web application, create and test the systems and implement existing application into the platforms. You could perhaps also manage the web sites and servers and provide technical support when needed and improve applications and architecture if necessary. Depending on the complexity of the system and the job this may be something that could be done from home. Otherwise many web developers are on an on-call basis and go in when needed to work on or test the equipment.

3. Writing

Freelance writers are in high demand, whether you’re writing website content, blogs, white papers, technical business papers, or editing. Many writers will research and write articles on a variety of topics, edit their work for correct spelling and grammar, and even prepare copy for manuals, brochures and directories.

4. Insurance Inspection

Insurance inspectors go out and take digital photos, measurements and notes to gather all the information needed for insurance companies after accidents or any type of insurance claim. Some inspectors work for restaurants and businesses conducting surveys, generating sketches and even calculating square footage. This is certainly a job that can easily be done from home, but only for local agencies as you’ll have to physically go to the client to gather the information.

5. Teaching and Tutoring

You can actually teach or tutor from home doing online classes at any grade level. You can write lessons and assignments, create training programs or teach adult certification programs. Check with local community colleges, rec centers and schools to see how you can get involved.

These freelance opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have other skills, approach your boss with why and how you think becoming a freelancer would benefit both of you. Sometimes it just comes down to a list of pros and cons. Many employers are willing to pay existing employees as a freelancer to keep costs down, stay competitive and still keep their best employees.

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