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Temptations Parties: A WAHM's Guide


This business guide will give you all the information you require to become a consultant for Temptations Parties. This company is a distributor of adult toys and sensual products. These products include massage oils, adult books, adult DVD's and lubricants. The company has a wide variety of products to offer and it gives customers a 50 percent discount on the prices that are mentioned in the catalogs. Since these products are becoming increasingly popular, you should consider working as an independent consultant to earn a good compensation package.

Starting Out

To begin, you should visit the company's website and fill out the request form. Click on the "Discover the Opportunity" tab once you visit the website, and then click on "Sign Up Now" to obtain the representative agreement. Once you fill out this application form, you will be contacted by the company and get all the additional information you require.  

To start hosting your own party, you will be required to purchase a kit that contains products and catalogs. Along with your startup or beginners kit, you will be given a DVD that will train you to perform the job as required. The startup kit costs $75, the basic startup kit costs $139, the classic kit will cost you $250 and the premier kit will cost you $550. You get a 30 percent or 50 percent discount based on the kit you purchase. You will also have to pay shipping and handling charges for the kit to be delivered to your home.


Although there are different incentives and benefits offered to independent consultants, you always get a 50 percent discount, irrespective of which kit you use to host your party. So, if you sell products worth $600, you get to keep $300 as your income for hosting the party. Apart from this, the company has various contests and gifts for independent consultants. You could also recruit people to work as part of your team and earn 5 percent for every order they make. If you host a $500 party once a week, you can earn $250 every week. This amounts to $13,000 every year.


Although you can host your own parties by inviting your friends and family, the company will help you get leads through its own advertising campaigns. You could also complete the tele-classes on the Internet to know how to thrive in this business. Finally, get in touch with other successful consultants to learn a few tips on better managing your business.

If It for You?

If your 18 years or over and want to supplement your income, you can choose to host a party at least once a week to make a profit. You should also have access to the Internet so that you can attend the training programs online and grow in this business. You should be able to speak in public, but even if you haven't done this before, you can get trained by following the instructions that come with your startup kit.

Noteworthy Information

Temptations Parties is one of the few companies that offers a 50 percent discount on the products mentioned in the catalogs. It has helped many women become financially independent by giving them the opportunity to fix their own schedules and host their own parties. The company also offers high quality products to help Americans expand their romantic horizons.

You can start working as an independent consultant within a short period of time and make use of their useful training programs to become a success.

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