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Telecommuting: Convincing your Employer


Telecommuting saves both time and money while increasing employee productivity.  However, some employers are leery of trying this work arrangement.  Make your case for telecommuting by demonstrating consistent productivity and work quality.  Open communications on telecommuting can also help both you and your boss arrive at a mutual agreement.    

Pay for Performance

Your work is always delivered on or before deadline, so convince your manager that not only will this behavior continue, but production will increase if you telecommute.  Explain how a pay per project or performance plan will motivate you to remain on track and exceed his expectations. Create a weekly or monthly goal with deadlines for completed projects and evaluate payment per project. Be in agreement on how much you'll earn per project, and arrange for direct deposit into your bank account. 

Reduce Operating Costs

One less body in the office means big cost savings for your boss.  Explain that the less personnel in the office means less money needed for additional space, utilities and supplies. The company could reduce operating costs by having project driven employees work from home, and the empty space could be rented or used for storage.

Less Time Away from Work

When your child is sick, you are often torn between staying home to take care of your child or going to work.  Explain to your boss that she won't have to worry about down time due to family illness if you telecommute.  All projects can continue to thrive and reach deadline no matter the circumstance, because you can be at your desk even if you have a sick child in bed. 

Reduce Time at the Water Cooler

Employees who work from home don't have a water cooler to socialize around and are more focused on getting the job completed than chatting. Explain how productivity will increase if there are no office distractions. You can ignore personal calls and won't have to worry about co-workers stopping by your office to chat. 

No Down Time Due to External Circumstances

With the exception of a natural disaster, working from home allows employees to be present during inclement weather, hideous traffic snarls or other unforeseen circumstances. Your commute is nonexistent so when you get out of bed you can go directly to work, even in your pajamas.  All of the time spent getting ready and driving to work can be used more productively.

In a tough economy, everyone is looking to cut costs and increase productivity.  Present the telecommuting idea as a way for everyone to flourish at the office.  You could even offer to begin working from home a few days a week on a trial run if your boss is unsure.  Once she warms up to the notion, she'll see productivity numbers rise and costs plummet.

Gina Ragusa is a freelance writer and mom from sunny (and sometimes not) South Florida. Her 15 year experience ranges from writing about banking to tattoo parlors. Read more about her adventures at

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