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Teaching Kids to Deal with Bullies


Bullying is one of the common problems kids have to face today; especially at school. As parents, teaching our kids how to deal with bullies is crucial. Sadly, some parents skip this part and let the children solve this problem on their own.

The problem with this incident is that sometimes, kids hide the bullying sessions to themselves and never tell anyone about it. If you maintain a closed communication atmosphere at home and are not observant, you are less likely to know if your child is the favorite pawn of school bullies.

Signs of Bullying

Bullying is rampant in primary pupils to high school students and could lead to fatal consequences if undetected. To know if your children are victims of bullying, you must watch out for these signs.

  • Your child makes ways to skip school.
  • Your child is uninterested to continue schooling.
  • Your child always feels sick before going to school.
  • Your child's grades suddenly drops from child's usual average scores.
  • Your child can't sleep at night or are having bad dreams.
  • Your child is painfully shy and refuses to mingle.
  • Your child gets bruises or skin cuts almost every day.
  • Your child suddenly becomes brutal.
  • Your child wants to commit suicide.

If your children have at least three of these signs, then they are probable objects of bullying. A parent's initial reaction in this situation is oftentimes emotionally charged wanting to hurt someone for the damage. It is best to be strong for your child and create intellectual actions and not actions driven by feelings.

What to Do

  • The first thing you have to do is offer a warm hug for your child. Assure kid that you are always there for support no matter what happens. At this stage, a child is still vulnerable and needs all the assurance that one can get. Do not curse or spank the child because he can't protect himself from the "enemies".
  • The next step is to report the incident to proper authorities. The principal or the class adviser can handle this and should be glad to help. Teach your kid to deal with bullies by approaching these authorities when a possible altercation is evident. In special cases, demand special attention.
  • Teach your children simple bullying responses like common physical defenses. Tell him to stay at safe zones where teachers and guards can see student activities and avoid unnecessary trips towards the school's danger zones. If the child must cross those places, let the child ask an adult to accompany.
  • If these steps won't work, the wise decision as a caring parent is to have the kid transfer to another school that has better learning atmosphere. Letting your child suffer through the whole deal is mentally and physically challenging for them and it is not worth the risk.

We are for our kid's protection all the time but must not use this responsibility as a reason for revenge. If your child can pinpoint the bully, invite the bully and the bully's parents for a formal conversation. Always ask a mediator, in this case the principal, to seat in during the dialogue.

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