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Tax Filing Made Easy: Home and Business Tax Software Explained


Work-at-Home mothers can use home and business tax software suited to their needs. Since they are part of a home-based business, they can opt for computer program tax software for home and business use. There is plenty of available software to choose from depending on your budget considerations. For all these kinds of home and business tax software, there are standard features such as online live support, a live community and an audit support center.

Online vs Desktop Software

It is popular to use desktop software. The TurboTax Tax Software comes in Basic, Deluxe, Federal and State, Premier, Home and Business, and Business editions. You can also make use of the free edition for trial. With the free edition, you can get a free federal e-file. Although TurboTax is very expensive, plenty of work-at-home mothers use it for its quality. They find it worth the expense, and there is always an available online support given in real-time.

With TurboTax, you can have two ways to answer the tax questions during the interview. Guide Me and Explore on My Own have different forms of questions. The special features of this software include Ask Tina, Live Community and Ask a Tax Expert. For the last feature, you can receive a response within an hour with a fee. The W-2 and 1099 forms are imported from a multitude of employers and financial institutions.

For the online home and business tax software, you can always download a version whenever you want. Regardless of the software version you use, it is important to take note if the said software is still usable today. Tax laws always change and the software is upgraded often.

State Tax Return

There is home and business tax software that has accompanying state tax returns. If the software that you use does not have one, you have to furnish yourself a copy of the state tax return. Depending on how many states you worked for the last year, you have to get a copy of a tax return for each state. It is good to be knowledgeable of the cost for a state tax return. Before filing a state tax return, you have to know the required paperwork and see if the home and business tax software you use is suitable for it.

If your home and business tax software includes electronic filing of the state tax return, you can save printer ink and postage fees. Submitting your state tax return online saves you plenty of time and money. It is important to take note that the correct tax form is filled up.

Computer System Compatibility

Since the home and business tax software is upgraded often with new versions, see to it that your computer operating system and hardware availability are suited for it. The software can be high-tech, but the hardware does not match. So, regardless of the cost and quality of your software, the tax program can run smoothly with the right gear.

Tax filing can be a daunting task for a home-based business. With an educated work-at-home mother who is knowledgeable of the appropriate home and business tax software for use, however, filing the income tax to the IRS can be a breeze.

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