Tahitian Noni: A WAHM's Guide


Tahitian Noni is at the worldwide forefront of "super fruit" juices. They did, in fact, begin the super fruit movement in the 1990's. Noni fruit has been consumed by people since ancient times for its rejuvenating and strengthening properties. It is a great source of many nutrients, including iridoids, which are a very potent form of antioxidant and promote cardiovascular health and bolster the immune system.

In addition to helping people be more healthful by supplying them with this wonderful, nutrient rich juice, Tahitian Noni has helped create over 200 millionaires with their business opportunities, paying out over 2.2 billion dollars in commissions during the life of the company. As independent product consultants, people commonly make enough money to pay for their own Tahitian Noni products, or even make a nice living for themselves.


Depending on which program you enroll in, start-up expenses for being an Independent Product Consultant, or IPC, with Tahitian Noni are anywhere from $155-$299, depending on which Business Builder plan is chosen. If the Business Builder plans are not a right fit, signing up as a Referring Customer is free, and can produce an income of up to $100 per month. Since any health-conscious person is the ideal customer for Tahitian Noni, a client base anywhere in the world is easily established. The application process for becoming an IPC is relatively simple and only takes around 30 minutes.


Once enrollment is complete and a small client base established, commissions are paid out monthly. IPCs receive a whopping 53% commission on the Tahitian Noni that they sell. There are plenty of other incentives. Additional bonuses include Fast Start and Business Pack bonuses, residual commissions, and even a program where they will make the payments on a new car for their top performers. Most people who start with a Business Builder package end up making at least enough money to pay a couple of their bills each month.


To make the most of this excellent opportunity, a potential IPC needs to be motivated, and take advantage of the many training resources that Tahitian Noni provides. Don't forget to network, network, network. If enough time and energy is put into marketing, a consultant should have no problem being successful at selling this health juice.

Is It for You?

This is an ideal opportunity for health-conscious, stay-at-home parents. It is a product anyone can be happy selling. There are no schemes, just healthful living. There are no worries about sub-par products or shady business practices. A potential Independent Product Consultant should be a self-starter, with a friendly demeanor and appreciation of what eating and drinking the right things can do for the body. Anyone with all of those qualities would be an ideal independent product consultant.

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