Suzanne: A WAHM's Guide


Suzanne is a business created by author and actress Suzanne Somers, designed as a direct sales company. The company was created as a vehicle to sell Ms. Somers' products and to assist others achieve financial goals by empowering them with their own business opportunity. The company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the opportunity is available to anyone wishing to become a Consultant. Over 100 diverse products are offered, including things like gourmet foods, wine, books, jewelry, sunglasses, beauty products, FaceMaster and beauty items. The company has also partnered with Dr. Wallach, founder of Youngevity Essential Life Sciences, a nutritional company.


To become a Business Builder or Preferred Customer, there is a one time member's fee of $10. There is no requirement to house inventory. You can save up to 40% on the Suzanne products and 30% on the Youngevity and Agua Dulce products upon joining. This way, you can try out the products before making a commitment to sell them. This strategy is helpful in determining whether to start a business through these companies. Enrollment kits are usually shipped within 24 hours.


Retail prices for products range from $7.95 to over $100.00. Consultants can retain up to 40% of retail guest sales. New Associates can earn up to 20%, while Managing Associates earn up to 30% in commissions on the Quick Start Program. Associates earn 3%-10% on personal purchase rebates and Managing Associate earn from 5%-10%. The Youngevity program features global triple diamond reward incentives for a revenue sharing bonus with a global training excursion trip for two. The Diamond Associate earns a 2% training bonus. The Youngevity program pays out more than .50 cents to associates for each dollar sold. The company boasts the highest industry payout possible, at 53%.


As with most MLM programs, a strong network base that is continually growing is key with this business. To make the most of this opportunity, you will need to be dedicated and willing to demonstrate the new products as they become available. Personalize the parties you host so that the products you are the most passionate about are displayed. People respond most positively to sales people who believe in and enjoy the products they sell.

Is It for You?

If you enjoy the products that the Suzanne and Youngevity companies represent, then it is safe to assume that with some effort and business savvy, you could earn a nice income being a consultant with them. You can use catalogs, downloads and support tools that will make the system easier to navigate. The company holds regular contests and offers an online business center with tools to help you build and run your business.


Suzanne offers extensive free weekly webcast and conference call training, along with a free personal website. Each product offered for sale is tested and handpicked by Suzanne Somers, before it is included in the roster of items designed to make life healthier and happier. The companies are constantly updating their inventory by developing new products, which could aid in keeping the interest level high for both you and your prospective clients.


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