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Surviving Motherhood: The First 6 Weeks

After going through the process of delivering your new bundle of joy, the first few weeks of motherhood is something mothers hope they will survive. A new mother may have mixed emotions ranging from pure bliss to doubt and despair. Women who just gave birth often experience ambivalent emotions; this is normal. The first six weeks usually involves sleepless nights, frequent feedings and a sore body.

The first six weeks doesn't have to be miserable for you. Here's a quick guide on how to survive motherhood with the given time frame:

Follow Your Doctor's Orders

Right after giving birth, most of the family members and friends will be occupied with the new addition to the family. However, you should also make sure that you are working towards your recovery from the delivery and not entertaining or playing hostess.

You may have to diligently clean any incisions at home. Pain medications may be prescribed. Have your partner or any family member take note of your take-home instructions. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you really need it.

Sleep as Much as You Can

Being a new mother entails you to wake up every time you need to feed the baby. Sleep as much as you can and let your partner understand how important it is to you. Postpartum depression usually results from mothers who are sleep deprived.

Get Some Sunshine

Go outside; get some fresh air and your dose of daily sunshine. Doing so will help you improve your mood. Take along your little angel in a stroller. Aside from being a mood booster, going outside for a walk will also help you shed post-pregnancy weight (improving your mood even more).

Soothing Your Newborn's Cries

There are several reasons why newborns cry. They can be hungry or thirsty or they may be feeling wet and dirty. Perhaps it's the room temperature that is unsettling them. It is your duty as a new mom to be familiar with your newborn's needs.  You will be surprised how quickly you will tune into these needs.

  • A "hungry cry" usually builds up slowly, starting from a slow fuss to a loud cry.
  • The "I'm in pain" cry is sharp and is accompanied by a high pitched scream.
  • If the newborn starts fretting and is followed by an outburst, that is the "I want attention" cry.

After checking the causes of your newborn's cries, take comforting measures. Cuddling works all the time to soothe crying babies. You can also sing, swaddle or rock them back to sleep.

Stay Connected to Your Partner

For some couples, the first 6 weeks may be a roller coaster ride. Weeks of not having sex and dealing with new responsibilities may seem to loosen the couple's bond. As a new mom, you should see to it that your bond with your partner becomes strong as ever. Let your partner feel needed for you to survive motherhood for the first six weeks.

Motherhood is a gift. The first 6 weeks may be exhausting but the moment your newborn smiles; you realize that the sleepless nights are all worth it.

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