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Survey Taking for Supplementary Income


Survey taking for supplementary income is a feasible way to earn extra cash for your household. It's important to have an organized approach to ensure your time is well spent. Here are some tips to help you effectively get paid to take surveys.

Approach Taking Surveys as a Business

Most survey organizations take your email as the primary source of communication to send you surveys. Some have the ability to alert you to available surveys via text or instant message (IM). A number of reputable companies will even approach you to join focus groups (online, by phone, or in person) for bigger payouts. So as not to bog down your personal emails and to readily see offers for paid surveys, create a separate email account to use specifically for this purpose.

Treat income earned from taking surveys as business earnings to report year end, and think about how to record them. You can use a simple spreadsheet to keep track of each pay receipt by survey company. At the end of the year, calculate your earnings, and if you've earned enough to report as income, do so. If you plan on moving forward into more work at home opportunities, it is advisable to treat all your supplementary earnings as income, and not as money earned from a hobby.

Sign-up for Survey Sites that Pay

Sign-up with a few paid survey sites that you've researched at a time, rather than haphazardly. Make sure they are reputable enough that you aren't getting spammed with inappropriate offers. This will allow you to effectively manage emails and weed out companies not worth your time.

A reputable paid survey site is one that has:

  • A professional looking site;
  • Discusses earnings in terms of point rewards (to redeem for cash) or cash;
  • Sign-up is free.


A true survey is one that asks involved questions about a particular product or service, after a detailed registration process during sign-up. Avoid sites with repeated pop-ups to sign-up for offers to qualify for points to redeem for cash later. Filling out pop-up offers (for CD and book clubs to earn points or a free product) is not a survey.

Provide Honest Information

When you sign-up to take paid surveys, you enter an agreement with the survey company to provide factual information. Although the information seems personal (annual family income, ages of children, health etc.), the information is pertinent to match you up with surveys relevant to your lifestyle. You are a voice for other consumers who live similar lifestyles, and you provide a service to them and the contracted survey company. Sharing correct information provides you with a more enjoyable survey experience as well as free products to review (or surveys to share with the family).

After you've gotten your feet wet, try out a few more new sites each week. You'll gradually build up a list of sites you are comfortable taking surveys for. It won't pay all the bills, but it will help pay for the extras.

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