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Straighten Up! 9 Mobile Apps to Keep Your Family and Home Organized


Mobile apps can be a work-at-home mom's best friend. Between keeping the kids, your work and everyday life organized, some tasks can slip through the cracks. The following mobile apps can help you straighten things up and stay on track.

1. Drive Safely

This application is great for moms who are on the go. It lets you stay hands-free when you're behind the wheel, whether you're rushing to the grocery store or taking the kids to soccer practice. Drive Safely reads your texts and emails out loud so you never have to take your eyes off the road.

2. White Noise

White Noise has dozens of different options for creating background noise when you need it. Whether you need to block out the sounds of the kids playing in the next room while you're working, or you need some white noise to help you (or a baby) to sleep at night, this application can be just the ticket.

3. iSpend

With this easy to use budget tool, iSpend tracks all of your business and personal expenses, while keeping them separate.

4. Chore Hero

Keep your household straightened-up by making it into a friendly competition with Chore Hero. You can assign points to different chores, and keep track of who's doing what on a weekly basis. Offer prizes at the end of the week for the biggest "chore hero" from among your kids.

5. ClockIn

This one is great for work-at-home moms that bill by the hour for their services. If you're at the grocery store or running errands with the kids and a client calls, you can "clock in" at the push of a button. This application helps you keep track of your billable hours for invoicing clients so you never have to guess your time or forget to bill for it.

6. Happy Family Shared Grocery Lists

Keep your grocery list on this application and it can be synced up to your husband's phone and any home computers. You can check items off the list if you happen to buy something, and it lets your spouse know that item isn't needed. It keeps your shopping list organized, and you never have to worry about each of you accidentally doubling up on grocery items.

7. Spark Recipes

Spark Recipes has two million recipes and counting. You can use it when you're at the grocery store to make sure you have everything you need before heading home.

8. TaskCard

This one will help you eliminate the 4,000 post-it notes you have scattered around your office. You can use it to organize your to-do lists, and track your productivity. You can organize tasks based on whether they're upcoming, in progress or complete.

9. The Weather Channel®

This one takes the guesswork out of dressing your kids for the day. It can give you a forecast for what the weather will be like at different times during the day (like for recess or when school gets out), so you can send an umbrella or a warm coat with them if needed.

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