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Stay Productive: Quiet Indoor Activities to Entertain the Kids


Introduce quiet indoor activities to your kids and stay more productive in your work-from-home business.

Kids are a 24/7 job and can be very stressful to handle, along with your day job. Letting them play on their own, without much noise, is the best you can ask for. Here are few games that could help you stay productive.

Guess My Creature!

Drawing is one of the best ways to entertain kids. It is creative and fun for all. This particular indoor activity includes drawing animals on a sheet of paper and letting the other kids guess it. It is very easy to play and needs minimum preparation. Follow the below to play it:

  • Write down names of animals on small slips of paper, fold it and distribute it equally among the kids. There can be many, depending on how long you would want them to be quiet!
  • Provide a sheet of paper to each kid.
  • Each kid opens one folded slip and starts drawing the creature without revealing the name to the other
  • Share the result after 10 mins with other participants
  • The one who guesses it right is the winner!


Write Me a Book!

Your kid might not be the next J.K.Rowling, but getting a kid write a book is a very stimulating and entertaining exercise for the kid. This is especially suitable for little grown-up kids up to the age of 8 who would love to dabble with words. This would require no preparation except for selling the idea to the kid. This is an easy game to play though - start a story for them and ask them to complete it for you!

For instance, your story can start off as - Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She was the only daughter of the land of fruits. One day, she wanted to go for a walk and explore the land around her...Ask your child to fill up the rest of the story. You can provide the necessary motivation by prompting different ways the story can go. Give 20-30 mins for the kid to complete it and enjoy the tranquility! Do not forget to appreciate the work of art later!

Invite Playmates

This is a blessing, especially when you have a playroom ready. Inviting a quiet playmate to your house is perhaps the most effective solution to stay productive with kids at home. They are too busy with their own play world, and therefore hardly bother you.

Being a work-from-home mom is a tough job to do. Unlike all the "be your own boss" stories, kids are a reality that every entrepreneur has to face. Keeping them entertained quietly at home is as important as handling your most previous client. This is not hard, and all that you need is a bit of creativity. There are many resources online which will help you find more stimulating ideas to keep them engaged.

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