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Stay Productive: Exciting Outdoor Activities to Entertain the Kids


As a work-at-home mom, it can be hard to focus on your job with all the day-to-day distractions at your home. One way to stay productive is to find outdoor activities to keep the kids busy while you work. Here are a few ideas to consider.

After-School Programs

If your kids are old enough to be in school, there are numerous after-school programs that can be exciting opportunities for your kids. From after-school sports programs to nature hikes and other types of field trips, these programs can be both fun and educational.

Check with your child's school to see what type of after-school programs are available. You might also consider checking with your local Park and Recreation District for any programs that are available. There might even be programs for your younger children that are not yet in school.

Swimming Lessons

Particularly useful for younger children who are not yet in school, signing your child up for swimming lessons will not only teach them a valuable skill, but keep them busy for an hour or two so you can concentrate on your work.

Fun Games at Home

If you have a back yard, you can invent fun games to keep the kids entertained outside. You could setup a treasure hunt, hiding items in the backyard--like an easter egg hunt--and have the children try to find all the items you hid. There are plenty of other games that you could come up with. Be creative!

Time-Share with Other Moms

A method that works for many mothers is working with other mothers they trust and come up with a schedule, so that each mother takes everyone's children for the day (or part of the day). This could apply for work-at-home mothers as well. Find other work-at-home moms, and try to do the same thing. During the times you have the children, you could take the children out to do some fun activity, like go to the park, bicycle or hike. The possibilities are endless! It will not only give you time to work away from the kids (while they're with another mother), it gives you some time to relax. You need to take care of yourself sometimes, too!

These are but a few ideas. There are many other ways to keep the kids busy, but hopefully this will get you started. Remember to be creative, and you'll soon find that you have plenty of your own ideas. As you get more experience as a work-at-home mother, you'll find the methods that work out best for you and your children. And while it's important to stay productive, don't forget to spend time with your kids as well. They're part of the reason you're staying home after all.

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