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WAHM Interview: Meet Crystal Paine, a Mom That Combined Writing and Frugality Into a Successful Business Venture

Crystal Paine helped put her husband through law school debt-free with a $35 a week grocery budget. Now, she's using her frugal spirit and knowledge of creative ways to pinch pennies for her own career path at

The Art of Asking For and Getting Testimonials and References

Testimonials are one way to increase your business.

Tasks Home Business Owners Should Delegate

The busyness of running a home business limits an owner's time and profits. As soon as possible, home business owners should focus on what they do best -- making money -- and delegate other business management tasks.

Home Business Terms You Need to Know

Starting a business requires learning an entire new language and set of abbreviated terms.

6 Home Business Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Starting a home business today is easier and more affordable than ever, but there is no guarantee for success. Avoid these common home business startup mistakes.

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