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Starting Out as a Freelance Writer


Getting a job as a freelance writer is not as easy as most people may think. It takes dedication, determination and the ability to handle rejection. In this competitive job market, lucrative employment opportunities are few and far between. Here are some tips for getting started in the freelance writing field.

Create a Job Specific Resume

If you've never had a writing position before, you'll need to revamp your resume and focus on how your work history has prepared you to make the transition into freelance writing. Think of skills and competencies that will help you succeed in your new career. Highlight jobs that required you to write and utilize your communication skills. You also want to stress your ability to meet deadlines and work with minimal supervision. Be sure to triple check for errors and typos. You are trying to convince your would-be employer that you can express yourself through the written word without letting careless spelling and grammatical errors get in your way. 

Come up with Some Writing Samples

Whether you want to do some reporting for a local newspaper or write product reviews for an online magazine, you'll need something to show potential employers when you interview for a writing position. Try to develop a few writing samples that demonstrate your ability to clearly communicate ideas and concepts. Try starting a blog and write occasional articles on current events. You want to make sure that your samples convey your strengths as a writing and give your potential employer a sense of your unique voice.

Register with Job Boards

Finding a legitimate freelance writing opportunity can be difficult. Start off your job search by networking and speaking with your contacts to see if they know of any openings that might be appropriate for you. Register with freelance job sites like or These sites put freelancers of all levels and skills in touch with potential clients. Try securing a few jobs using these sites. The pay may not be great. However, once you build a reputation for yourself, you'll be able to demand more money and find other higher paying opportunities.

Set up an Office at Home

Freelance writing gives you the flexibility to work from home at your own pace. However, you need a quiet and organized workspace to ensure you'll be as productive as possible. Set up an office in a quiet corner of the house. Make sure your space is free from noise and distractions. Create a work schedule so that you have plenty of time to achieve your daily goals. Don't try to do your work while your kids are running around like lunatics. Your writing will suffer, and you'll feel guilty about cheating your kids out of quality time.

Keep Trying

It can be challenging to land a freelance writing gig. You may find yourself sending out hundreds of resumes without receiving any responses. Keep at it. Although it may take a while to find a job that you love, if you keep trying you're bound to find the right opportunity.

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