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Starting an Internet Business: Choosing the Right Domain Name


Starting an internet business is always an option for anyone who wants to be their own boss and work at home. Successful internet businesses rely on good marketing, so that anyone who is in the market for the service or product you offer will be able to find your website. Internet marketing begins with a domain name, which is how your business will be identified. Domain registration is therefore just as important as choosing a name for your business, and the two should coincide if at all possible. If you've found a web hosting source and are stuck trying to choose the perfect domain name, following these guidelines may help you pick a name that spells success.

Keep It Simple

One thing a lot of popular sites have in common is a concise and easy to remember domain name. Google is 6 letters; EBay is 4. These sites are memorable and easy to type. Your website should be the same. Try to avoid characters such as dashes or other symbols and keep your domain name reasonably short, because nobody is going to go to the trouble of typing "" The simpler, the better.

Make it Representative

Many people find websites by simply assuming that they exist. For instance, if a customer wanted to find the Starbucks website, they usually wouldn't type "Starbucks" into a search engine and find the website from there. They would assume that the Starbucks website is "" and type that straight into their address bar. Likewise, your domain name should be the same as your business' name, or at least as close as possible without throwing in random characters.

Cut Down When Needed

If your business happens to have a very long name which makes it difficult to merge the above 2 guidelines, you might consider using the acronym as the domain name rather than the full business name. You can also be creative, within reason: for example, if your business' name is "Hamburgers, Huckleberries and Happiness" you could try registering "" or something along those lines.

Avoid Numbers (Usually)

If your domain name of choice is already taken, you might be tempted to throw some numbers at the end of it and register that instead. This is unadvisable, as it severely detracts from the professionalism of your site and makes it harder for potential customers to find. It would be better to use a dash in between words than to insert unrelated numbers; for instance, if "" is taken, you might consider "," but never "" The exception to the number rule is if your company name contains a number; for instance, "" would be acceptable.

Your internet business will benefit from having a domain name chosen using the above guidelines. Having a concise and professional domain name will help to drive traffic to your website, as well as give it a sense of legitimacy.

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