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Start the Day Right: How to Plan a Jogging Regimen


Planning a jogging regime is a good way to keep yourself healthy and in shape while you work at home. Since you don't commute to work, you may not get enough daily exercise, making it important to plan your own exercise regime. Here are some ideas on how to plan your own jogging regime.

Starting Out

When starting a jogging regimen, prepare to get up early and start your day with a run. The early morning is the perfect time for a WAHM to exercise--your husband is still at home to watch the kids, and you will be energized to begin your work day. As you continue to wake up early to exercise, your body will adjust and become accustomed to this lifestyle change.

If you've never jogged before, start off slow. Don't force too much too fast, or you'll make yourself miserable and give up on it before you even start. Worse yet, you may injure yourself. Start off jogging just a few days a week--maybe every other day, or every two days--until you get used to it.

Also, don't push yourself too hard. On your first day, just jog until you get tired. Use this as a starting point to schedule your next few weeks. Try to jog a little more each day. You'll find yourself getting into better shape and able to jog faster and longer each time.

Plan to Have Rest Days

Any exercise program will be hard on your body, and a jogging regime is no different. Even after you're been jogging awhile, try to schedule one day of rest after every few days. If you've been pushing yourself hard all week long, go ahead and take two days to recover. Your body will thank you for it.

Plan Where to Jog

There are lots of factors to keep in mind when deciding where to jog. First and foremost, keep yourself safe. Never jog anywhere dangerous by yourself. Injury is always a concern with any exercise program, so stay near a city when you jog--in case of emergencies.

If you're just starting out, and worried about injuries, try to jog in places with flat ground like city parks. However, for more intense workouts, jog in hilly areas that have more slopes. Just remember, this type of environment is more prone to accidents.

Talk with Other Joggers

A great way to find out how to plan a jogging regime is to go straight to the source. Other joggers are a fount of information. They will know the best places to jog and have ideas about how long and how often you should jog. When talking to other joggers, keep in mind that every person is different. Try to get several different opinions and use the ones that work best for you.

Other joggers are also a great source of companions. Jogging with others is not only safer, but it can help keep you focused and motivated. If an accident does happen, a jogging companion can get help for you.

Start out slow. Don't push yourself. Stay safe. Keep these three ideas in mind when you plan your jogging regime. Keeping active when you work at home will make you feel better and keep you healthier. Have fun!

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