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SSDI or SSI Disability Recipients:  Work at Home Job Openings!  

Learn about Work At Home industries, requirements, and other free career services!

The Work at Home industry has been booming in the last decade, especially over the past few years. Work at Home jobs have opened up many new employment opportunities for qualified job seekers with disabilities across many industries.

Job seekers who receive SSDI or SSI may want to return to work again, but are sometimes not sure where to start, how much they can earn while receiving disability benefits, and may have questions.

Good news! There is a free federal program that can help job seekers on SSDI or SSI ease back into the workforce ‘gradually’ while protecting disability benefits and Medicare or Medicaid. This allows job seekers to ‘test the waters’ of working again.

This free voluntary program is called Ticket to Work! Social Security approves all service providers in the program who provide free professional job placement and other career services to help with the transition back to the workforce. The program has helped thousands of job seekers nationwide since 2002!

Ticket to Work also has built in ‘safety nets’ and ‘work incentives’ that an Employment Network (EN) can help explain to a job seeker that can make the transition back to work easier. These service providers help beneficiaries navigate the process including explaining how the program works, tracking benefits, and providing moral support - so the job seeker can focus on the job itself.

My Employment Options (MEO) is one of the leading authorized Employment Networks who specializes in Work at Home in the Ticket to Work Program. They have been helping job seekers find both Work at Home and Onsite jobs for over 20 years and serve 47 states.

MEO partners with leading national Work at Home employers who love to hire their diverse and qualified clients! Their Ticket to Work services are also free to Employers.

Employment Options’ free services may include helping job seekers on SSDI or SSI with suitable job leads, resume and interview tips, benefits counseling, accommodations, and career advancement.

Many of their own staff also have a disability and have used the program themself to return to work again. They can relate to their clients in a much more personal way!

If you (or someone you know) receives SSDI or SSI:

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