Soylicious: A WAHM Business Guide


As a Soy candle company, Soylicious is an eco-friendly WAHM business. They take pride in offering a slow-burning, lower soot alternative to candles made from the usual paraffin wax. The American farmers who cultivate the raw material for the soy wax also benefit from the candles. The product line extends to diffuser jars, plug-in melters, soaps and room sprays. You can choose to host a home party and benefit from the incentives from the sales. As an independent consultant, you can sell the candles and recruit affiliates; you will also have the freedom to develop ways to expand your business.

Starting Out

You choose from among their three enrollment options to start. The Business in a Box for $29.00 contain scent samples, a training manual, your own website, brochures and order forms. The Quick Start plan for $99 and the Fast Track option at $299 have more products included in the kit. All three can give you access to the training forums and the Affiliate Shopping Cart. There are no quotas imposed on order volume, but you do need to maintain your membership by choosing one of the three options: the Candle Combo or the Tart Collection, each for $29.95, plus shipping or the "Website Only" for $10. Each option, aside from the "Website Only", includes products like Balsa Wood Candle or the Tart Chunks; this should be paid monthly.


When you buy wholesale and sell to direct customers, you get to profit from these retail sales. If they buy through your website, a commission amounting to 40% will go to you. When you attend a home event, you can benefit from a 40% discount off your purchases. However, if you host, you can receive free products amounting to the percentage of your corresponding sales range, such as 10% if your sales falls in between $150 to $250. You are also entitled to half-priced items. Even when you organize a fundraiser by selling the products, you could still earn a percentage from the sales.


Enrolling other affiliates will take you up the ranks. Recruit one member and your title will become Consultant I, and for every new enrolled consultant thereafter, your title will change until you reach and become Platinum Consultant upon your sixth enrollment. Per level or title you attain, your $30 Personal Auto-Ship Volume will be multiplied by the number of enrolled consultants you have under you. Attaining Levels 1 and 5, or otherwise known as the Gold Consultant, will pay you 5%, while the rest of the levels pay 2.5% as override earnings. You can go on to become director up to national director level as your business grows.

Is It for You?

If you are a current user of wax or candle fragrances for your home or are open to the idea, then this business is good for you. Just like any other entrepreneurial undertaking, however, you may need to employ some degree of aggressiveness in selling and recruiting so you can recoup your monthly membership through profits. If you like to host parties, you can earn more, too.

Noteworthy Information

Soylicious has a good fundraising program in place that allows organizations to receive as much as 40% from sales.

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