Soul Purpose: A WAHM's Guide


Nadine Abraham Thompson founded the Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company in December 2007. With her more than a decade experience in direct selling and product development and marketing, Nadine started out Soul Purpose with the vision to build a sustainable and socially-responsible direct selling company. Anyone is welcome to join, but one of the company's goals is to empower women of color such as Asians, Indians, Latinas and African-Americans.

Soul Purpose's Global Vision is to allow product developers, herbalists, graphic designers, musicians and writers to collaborate on personal care products that are organic, natural and rich in antioxidants.

Starting out as a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur

To join the Soul Purpose community, you need to shell out $35 for their Enrollment Kit plus $6.50 shipping fee and sales tax. You can then purchase their success PBV (Personal Volume Pack) at $100 under their "Enroll Now, Pay Later" program. You will be provided a Soul Purpose ID number after you complete the enrollment process. When inviting others to enroll, all you need to do is give them your ID number and full name, so you can be credited as their sponsor.

Compensation as a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur

After purchasing your own PBV, Soul Purpose will require you to sponsor seven clients, seven Business Builders (also known as Lifestyle Entrepreneurs), and host seven Lifestyle parties.

Personal purchase rebates can go up to 10 percent if monthly PBV is over $5,000, and you can also take advantage of quick start bonuses if you personally enroll your team members.  Quick start bonuses are the only ones paid weekly while other bonuses are paid monthly such as the Revenue Sharing Pool bonus. A level override chart will be provided so you can determine the expected amount of your bonuses and commissions. Your monthly dream bonus can go as high as $1,000.

Thriving as a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur

A Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur has seven levels; you can start as an associate and climb the ladder until you reach the ranks of a Triple Diamond Manager. After purchasing the initial PBV, you become an associate automatically.

By recruiting three associates with $100 PBV each and three associates with $50 PBV each, you become a managing associate. Once your associates are promoted into managing associates themselves, you'll be promoted into the ranks of a Diamond Executive.

The Double Diamond (Kona) position can be achieved if you have three active Diamond Executives and three Managing Associates under your wing. Once you have five active Diamond Executives and three active Managing Associates in your team, you are promoted into the ranks of a Double Diamond (Fuji) manager.  With six active Diamond Executives and three Active Managing Associates, you are promoted into the ranks of a Tahiti Double Diamond Executive. The highest rank is that of a Triple Diamond Executive; you need to have at least nine active Diamond Executives and three Active Managers.

Is It for You?

If you're of African-American, Hispanic, Native American or Asian descent and have good PR skills, being a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur may be your calling.

Noteworthy Information

Soul Purpose's goal is to assist and help entrepreneurs launch their own small businesses and sustain it at the same time. The company would like to focus on minorities across the world, with emphasis on creating wealth and stimulating growth.

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